Posted on October 18, 2009
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45 responses to “Chappar Rift”

  1. Colin Wood-Robinson says:

    My father, Harold Wood Robinson was, we believe, somehow involved in this railway. He was a bridge/railway engineer in, what was then India, throughout his working life. He retired in 1947. The family story, related to the Chappar Drift railway, was that he and my mother had a bench fixed to the front if the locomotive that drove them through some aspect of the railway so that he – as the designer engineer – would be the first to travel the line. But we don’t know which part of the line this was. Any help gratefully appreciated.

  2. The first image is reversed

  3. Adil Rehman says:

    Is the above mentioned railway discussion group is still functional?

  4. Rameel Ali says:

    Good Research !!!….. From Where You Get This All Information About CHAPPAR Rift??

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    For some amazing photos of Chappar rift c2010, see this video