Gen Kayani’s Message to Mehsuds

Posted on October 19, 2009
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Owais Mughal

Following is the text of a leaflet that will be be dropped in Mehsud areas in coming days. The text is both in Urdu and Pashto. Urdu part is shown here.
Clicking on the text image to the left will take you to its source webpage where you can view both Urdu and Pashto versions.

This is a positive gesture in my view and may counter the propaganda which local people are subjected to by the enemies of Pakistan. One has to distinguish between good guys and bad guys here and try to get as many good guys on your side as possible. English translation of the message is given below:

My Message to the Proud Mehsud Tribes: I admit that all of our tribal areas including Mehsuds are faithful to Pakistan and they have always worked for the defense of Pakistan as volunteers.

The aim of current military operation is not to attack proud and patriotic Mehsuds but it is to save them from the clutches of ruthless terrorists who have destroyed peace of the whole region. Therefore the aim of this operation will be Uzbek terrorists, foreign terrorists and local terrorists.

Miltary’s aim is to let Mehsuds live in their area in peace. I am hopeful that Mehsud tribes will side with Pakistan military in this operation and will rise as one against these ruthless terrorists so that Pakistan’s green crescent flag will once again flutter in Mehsud lands with full glory. God Bless you. with best wishes. Gen Ashfaq Kayani. Long live Pakistan. Long Live Pak Military and Long Live Mehsud tribes.

Credits: APP

43 responses to “Gen Kayani’s Message to Mehsuds”

  1. Usman says:

    @Ibrahim, You sound like a Taliban or Raw agent yourself.

    What I hear you saying is:
    Pak Army is training suicide bombers.
    Pak army is sending atleast 2 suiciders to kill people in cities everyweek.
    Pak army has tried to assasinate it’s own generals and personel.
    Pak army has killed Benazir.
    Pak army is controling brains of taliban who tel journalists that they will revenge and they will kill everyone.

    I will only say you this, you are wrong or brain washed, the army personel dieing to defend rest of the nation are Shaheeds and the taliban are cowards and terrorists who deserve no sympathy.

  2. shakeel says:


    I’d like to add that you claim that the Taliban have said that the bombing yesterday of the University was the work of Pak Government. Do you have any sources to back that claim?

    Here is what BBC reported yesterday. I posted it before and here it is again:

    “From BBC:

    “In a telephone call to the BBC, a senior Taliban commander has claimed his movement was behind the bombings.

    Qari Hussain, the man reportedly responsible for training Pakistani Taliban suicide bombers, said his organisation now considered all of Pakistan to now be a war zone.”

    So are you still going to deny that the Taliban attack civilians too?

    Have you even bothered to read some accounts of people from Swat and how they were treated by these Taliban? I think it is very clear. In fact, almost everyone in Swat is saying that they regret ever letting these murderers in the peace loving area and have vowed to fight them if they come back! Why would civilians fight the talibans if they were not targeted? Think please.

  3. shakeel says:


    The points that I mentioned earlier are both valid in Democracy and in Islam. I dont understand how ‘power of people’ is against Islam. How do you define power of people anyways? Power of people IMO = justice, equality, education, security, freedom of speech. These are things that make a democracy a working democracy. And all these are in Islam too.

    Freedom of speech does have some limits or shall I say it comes with responsability. But in any case, how is that not in Islam? People were always allowed to raise their concerns during our Prophet’s (PBUH) time. Why has that changed today?

    Islam is all about right. Women rights, animal rights, minorities rights, and so on .. if we apply all of these correctly (not following blindly to some biggoted mullahs), then tomorrow Pakistan will be a much better place to live.

    “This is because the agencies are doing this themselves to turn the public opinion in their favor. In all these attacks what is forgotten that these people have always denied responsibilities for attacks solely on civilian, like the Islamic University. They have denied it and called it the work of Pak. govt. itself. This is the same army that raped thousands of women in Bangladesh, in Karachi operation and in Baluchistan, and killed thousands more. Expect everything from them.”

    There is no doubts that politicis is a dirty game and it would not surprise me if some of the terrorism is done by the Gov to get the public on their side. However, I disagree when you say that the Taliban have not taken responsability when civilians have been killed. In the last two weeks, each and every terrorist activity has been claimed by the Taliban. So you are totally wrong on that.

    “We all forgot the time line. The aggressor was the army. It was the Pak army that was helping in raining down missiles on them. It was the army which broke the peace deal (and made it look like the other side broke it) [ and this news is not restricted to standard media outlets], it was the army that killed their children, women and elderly. Do you know why even nationalistic Pakhtoon are also angry (Aamir Ali is a small minority)?”

    There were terrorism before Drones had started to operate in Pakistan. I am against drones as it kills many innocent too, but had there been no war declared by the Taliban then there would have been no drones in the first place. Why dont they give themselves up? Not only they would save many innocent lives, but for once, would do something according to Islam.

    Propaganda is there in every conflict. This is part of life. But how much propaganda one needs to fight the enemy when the enemy is proud of its actions and dont lose a minute to claim responsability in the media?