Picture of the Day: Gruesome Billboard-Hajis Beware

Posted on December 7, 2006
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Adil Najam

Here is a rather gruesome ad from the Punjab Anti-Narcotics Force, warning prospective pilgrims going for Hajj to Saudi Arabia of the dangers of drug trafficking.

The painted bill board ad makes the point, rather graphically and quite clearly that anyone caught bringing drugs into Saudi Arabia will face death. One wonders, however, if that point is being made a little more graphically than necessary.

The wording on the billboard (seemingly quite large and on an outdoor public location) says:

Don’t unknowingly invite death.
By taking someone’s else luggage or unnecessary foreign or local medications do not put your own life at risk.
Taking narcotics or addictive elements to Saudi Arabia will result in a certain death penalty.
Anti-Narcotics Force (Punjab).

How, I wonder, does a parent explain to a child who sees this billboard why the Arab-looking man is beheading the Pakistani-looking man with such gusto.

One wonders who it is that really gives Muslims a ‘bad name’? The message for the prospective drug smuggler to Saudi Arabia is quite clear. But, what is the message for the rest of us? And the rest of the world?

94 responses to “Picture of the Day: Gruesome Billboard-Hajis Beware”

  1. Saba Kamran says:

    Woww, an interesting perspective you have given us to think about.. I would have never thought about it like that… I mean you’re right, it is creating in our minds as well as the minds of non-muslims as to who we are… people killing maniacs!! :S

  2. I think it’s cool, at least they’re creating jobs for sign painters!

    But seriously, Saudi is extreme and everyone should know. I think there are a hundred thousand better places to smoke a joint.

    I’ve been living in Bahrain for over a year now, we see the results of suppressed Saudis every weekend coming here to let out steam and crash their cars. I don’t blame them I wouldn’t go if you paid me!

  3. Moderately_Secular says:

    By concealing orignal Alias? …..>…..

    Adnan Siddiqi,
    It was my first comment on any blog on this site.
    Anyway its not my intent to convince anyone either. This convince thing was just a figure of speech.

  4. Shahnaz says:

    I have a 6 year old son and I wonder what he woudl think if he saw this billboard and what I could say to him to explain this. What would he think of Arabs in general, of killing people with sword, of chopping people’s heads off. No matter everything else, such a graphic and horrific image should not be allowed in a public space simply for the subtle messages it sends to everyone, specially to children.

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