Picture of the Day: Gruesome Billboard-Hajis Beware

Posted on December 7, 2006
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Adil Najam

Here is a rather gruesome ad from the Punjab Anti-Narcotics Force, warning prospective pilgrims going for Hajj to Saudi Arabia of the dangers of drug trafficking.

The painted bill board ad makes the point, rather graphically and quite clearly that anyone caught bringing drugs into Saudi Arabia will face death. One wonders, however, if that point is being made a little more graphically than necessary.

The wording on the billboard (seemingly quite large and on an outdoor public location) says:

Don’t unknowingly invite death.
By taking someone’s else luggage or unnecessary foreign or local medications do not put your own life at risk.
Taking narcotics or addictive elements to Saudi Arabia will result in a certain death penalty.
Anti-Narcotics Force (Punjab).

How, I wonder, does a parent explain to a child who sees this billboard why the Arab-looking man is beheading the Pakistani-looking man with such gusto.

One wonders who it is that really gives Muslims a ‘bad name’? The message for the prospective drug smuggler to Saudi Arabia is quite clear. But, what is the message for the rest of us? And the rest of the world?

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  1. [quote post=”456″]I am not convinced that these gruesome penalties do anything to deter people from committing crimes.[/quote]

    You are free not to get convinced neither anyone here is looking convince you.

    [quote post=”456″]I think we should grow up [/quote]

    By concealing orignal Alias? ;)

  2. Ghalib says:

    Turab visited ur blog a saw the clip i had seen that one early!u know wat tjis world is still in stone age the rules was “might is right” it has juss changed a bit into “might is ultimately right” u can see the events right from WWII uptil now who are the players who are makin world a hazy place who are creating rifts and terrorists!we were sowwie/blunder about vietman,East vs West Germany.N vs South Korea,HongKong/Tiawan,Palestine,kashmir,Bosnia the Nuke of Hiroshima,Cuba,Chile the Iranian crisis now analyse all of them an check who made blunders who were the power broker and yet the hue an cry is about equality democracy terrorism?
    some times it makes me laff! its simply “jiss ki lathi uski bheins”
    No matter how many debates,writings conferneces or UN resolutions only one Moron will Veto its and his vote counts real democracy right!!!!!world union run by 5 Nations outta which one nation if vetos no matter how right u are ur still a loser!!!

  3. Moderately_Secular says:

    Though this is an old post, but looking at the topic could not help writing the comments,
    1. I read somewhere that in Victorian age England, pickpockets (jaib katra’s) were hanged in public and in the crowd there a number of people were picking the pockets of mesmerized spectators!!!!
    2. A few years back a 13 year old Pakistan girl was put to death by Saudi authorities for drug trafficking… Despite appeals by a number of human rights groups as well as intervention from Pakistani authorities… Where do my apologist friends find a sense in that?
    I am not convinced that these gruesome penalties do anything to deter people from committing crimes. I think we should grow up and take rational approach towards the social problems such as drugs and try not to drag religion into everything.

  4. TURAB says:

    Got you point Ghalib… Syrania is in my top ten for sure… please visit my blog to view an amazing interview on CNN which was aired only once (due to live programming) and never repeated again… the youtube has disbaled comments and ratings for that video…. enjoy!

  5. Ghalib says:

    I guess u got it mixed imnot sayin tht we shudnt raise voice we shud they are our blood but the thing is that is our duty to educate our ppl not to get into booby traps tht they get into!I am against any dictator like the saudi kings jordanians syrian etc an example of wat was shown in the movie SYRIANA

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