Gen Kayani’s Message to Mehsuds

Posted on October 19, 2009
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Owais Mughal

Following is the text of a leaflet that will be be dropped in Mehsud areas in coming days. The text is both in Urdu and Pashto. Urdu part is shown here.
Clicking on the text image to the left will take you to its source webpage where you can view both Urdu and Pashto versions.

This is a positive gesture in my view and may counter the propaganda which local people are subjected to by the enemies of Pakistan. One has to distinguish between good guys and bad guys here and try to get as many good guys on your side as possible. English translation of the message is given below:

My Message to the Proud Mehsud Tribes: I admit that all of our tribal areas including Mehsuds are faithful to Pakistan and they have always worked for the defense of Pakistan as volunteers.

The aim of current military operation is not to attack proud and patriotic Mehsuds but it is to save them from the clutches of ruthless terrorists who have destroyed peace of the whole region. Therefore the aim of this operation will be Uzbek terrorists, foreign terrorists and local terrorists.

Miltary’s aim is to let Mehsuds live in their area in peace. I am hopeful that Mehsud tribes will side with Pakistan military in this operation and will rise as one against these ruthless terrorists so that Pakistan’s green crescent flag will once again flutter in Mehsud lands with full glory. God Bless you. with best wishes. Gen Ashfaq Kayani. Long live Pakistan. Long Live Pak Military and Long Live Mehsud tribes.

Credits: APP

43 responses to “Gen Kayani’s Message to Mehsuds”

  1. ShahidnUSA says:

    The best way to defeat your enemy is to create a confusion in their Assembly Lines.
    Talibans are not dumb. They have nothing to loose and this is nothing new for them. They have learned few tricks of the trade from their ancestors (forefathers).
    Focus fellows focus and finish the job.

  2. Aamir Ali says:

    the problem with terrorist supporters is that the Taliban proudly acknowledge their attacks…..including the one in Peshawar market a few days ago and in Shangla market a few days after that. In addition the Taliban have accepted attacks on politicians, political rallies, markets, police, army, govt, NGO’s and businesses. You can look up the proud claims of Maulana Fazlullah, Muslim Khan, Azam Tariq and Maulvi Omar in order to educate yourself.

    btw the Pakhtuns are the strongest supporters of the military operation today, because the Pakhtuns have suffered tremendously under the Taliban. In fact the Pakhtuns have gone one step further than just support the army, they are forming Lashkars to kill the Taliban themselves. So don’t lecture me on the view of Pakhtuns and don’t lecture Pakistanis on your ignorant and self-serving interpretations. of Islam. We support the Armed Forces in its campaign against ignorant, violent and cruel terrorists.

  3. shakeel says:

    Islam says fight those that fight you. Taliban, so called Muslims, are ignoring this very important Islamic Law in their criminal war.

  4. I am lost as to where they are getting such major arm shipments ? What’s the channel and who are the suppliers ?

    They are being supplied by those who are truely worshipped these days in the disguise of “friendship”. Yes , India sitting in Afghanistan continues to feed the guys who potrays themselves as “Talibans” hence implementors of Shariah. India has been using same tactic which it used in 71 to support Mukti Bahini. I know it would hurt a lot to those left wing extreme elements who can’t a word against India

  5. Usman says:

    @Bushra, I agree with you Zaid Hamid is full of theories and nothing solid.
    @Shakeel, they are terrorists, what do you expect them when they have no problem killing their own and other muslims!
    @Syed; I think we should have army base in the north and west, it is not only important against terrorism but also strategically important and it will bring economical activity to the areas.