How Far Does a Honda-70 Go in Pakistan?

Posted on July 9, 2010
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Owais Mughal

The debate of Yamaha 100 versus Honda 70 in Pakistan is probably as old as the date of Aug 14, 1947.

While I belong to the Yamaha club, I have to admit that Honda crowd is steadily increasing in number. Therefore today I will offer an olive branch to all the Honda 70 community out there. You should also appreciate that it has taken me 20 years since I rode my first Yamaha to come around and write following lines in praise of a Honda.

Honda 70’s Amphibian Qualities

This is a true story guys. The year was 1992. Karachi got hit by one of its famous monsoon rains where mother nature dumped the whole year’s rain quota within few hours – and got done with it. After few hours of rain, nothing moved in the city because the whole city had became a large pool of stagnant water and stranded humanity.

I was in the University that day. As I left for home, my Yamaha’s engine died just after sailing for 2 feet. I was still inside the NED’s Main Gate. After that I had to drag the motorcycle in knee deep water for 9 kilometers to reach my home. andaaza karo dosto! (imagine that friends!). While I was going through all this hardship and after 30 minutes had barely reached Safari Park, I heard a distinct ‘pat pat pattar…pattar pattar gheN gheN’ sound coming from the North. At first I thought Civil Defense guys from Malir Cantt had brought out motor-boats to rescue stranded Pakistanis like me. I quickly turned my neck in anticipation and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my friend Raees-ul-Haq riding his Honda 70 in deep waters. He had covered his engine in grease which insulated the spark plug and his Honda 70 sailed through Monsoon rains like a hot knife cuts through frozen butter. Raees also had a cute little smile on his face as he passed by me.

mujhe sab hai yaad zara zara, tumhe yaad ho ke na yaad ho

Raees! if you read these lines then please write your reply in the comments section below – kuch nahi kaha jaaye ga – aur meri tabiat bilkul theek hai

Amphibian Honda and Nadeem in movie aina

Readers, please also look at this Pakistani movie ‘aina’ song to see the amphibian qualities of both Honda and Nadeem.

Now that you’ve watched above video, I have doubts whether the motorcycle shown in the song is Honda or Kawasaki. Regardless, you got the message i.e. Honda runs well on both land and sea.

A Community Gets Built Around Honda 70

Honda 70 is a community vehicle in Pakistan. In many mohallas (neighborhoods) I’ve seen an old Honda 70 shared by many house holds. Our neighbors also had a Honda 70 from the times of ‘baawa Adam’ (Adam). It used to be permanently parked in the street for anyboady’s and everybody’s use. It was a‘dhakka’ start so who ever needed to run any errand used to take this Honda 70. An amicable toss of coin was made in case two people wanted to use it at the same time. For example, Heads meant Javed ke abba (Javed’s father) will use it and Tails meant Chunoo miaNwill take it for a wheelie.

Over the years, this Honda 70 grew old with its shared owners. As the owners started missing their teeth, the Honda 70 also started missing its parts.

In the year 1985, Annoo bhai lost his front tooth and Honda 70 lost its front light bulb.

In 1987, Salloo Uncle became ganja (bald) and Honda 70 lost its seat cover.

The arrival of 1988 saw departure of its chain cover. By the year 1990 this Honda 70 had reduced to Honda 35 but kamal hai bhuee (non-Urdu readers, kamal is not the brother of Jamal – it means ‘bravo’ here) this motorcyle kept running until one day it finally broke apart into two pieces.

It was then sold as scrap to a ‘teen dabbay wala’ (recycling guy) and money earned was shared to buy a cricket bat for the street team.

Honda 70s = 70 km/litre

Honda 70 is also famous in Pakistan to have broken all records of traveling the longest distance per liter of petrol. I’ve known people who claim to have run Honda 70 more than 90 km in one litre of petrol. Following text will teach you how to do it.

The Tilt and Invert of Honda 70

See all you have to do is to first tilt and then invert your Honda 70 and you will get 90 km per litre out of it. So here is what you do.

Fill one litre of petrol in your Honda 70. When the petrol pump operator teases you by saying sirf ek litre? (just one litre?), you shake your hair backwards with an adaa (style) and reply ek bhi buhat hai (one is more than enough). Then you kick start your Honda and drive on. Don’t wait to hear Petrol Pump operator saying to the camera ‘mein te Honda hi le saaN’ (I will only buy Honda)

Now drive your Honda for 70 km. At exact 70th km, the motorcycle will stop because the petrol gets finished here. Now you get off its Royal seat and tilt the motorcycle to 30 degrees from horizontal and voila! you are good to get 10 more kilometers out of your empty petrol tank. So now drive on until at exact 80th km the motorcycle will stop again.

Do you think this is the end of it? naa mere bhai naa – a Tariq Aziz dialog which in English means ‘No, No and No.’

abhi to aatish jawaaN hai. Now get another person to help you lift the motorcycle and two of you together invert the motorcycle at 270 degrees from horizontal. Imagine this for a second. It means the wheels will be facing towards the sun or moon (depending on time) and seat will be facing towards the ground. This action will bring the equal and opposite reaction of getting the last few remaining droplets of petrol to the engine and there you go again. Your Honda 70 will run for 10 more kilometers. Now you can drive on till exact 90th kilometer. Then your Honda will come to a final STOP.

So do you have anymore interesting Honda 70 anecdotes to share with us? Feel free to use comments section to let us know.

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33 responses to “How Far Does a Honda-70 Go in Pakistan?”

  1. Ahmed says:

    honda 70 still looks very ugly, dont care about saving a few miles or whatever, i always find taller people on a honda 70 as budshakal and very uncool.

    Live a little, life is too short to worry over a few paisa. Get a 200cc honda.

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    As the last two commentors have written, my batchmate, my classfellow and one of my best friends – Rais – who is also mentioned in this post has passed away. inna lillah. He was a very high spirited, huns-mukh , khud-daar and responsible person. doston ka dost aur sab ka kher khwaah.

    Rais also commented here -see few comment below – it is hard to imagine that I won’t see him again.

    may he always rest in peace. ameen.

  3. Unable to find Rais bhai anymore, I am able to find his comments here. I am socked with the sad news. I lost my brother, my firend, my Mentor. May Allah bless him and give him the best place in Janat. There is no one like Rasi bahi.

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