Mohabbat Qulfi: Name 5 Interesting Things In This Photo

Posted on October 8, 2010
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I find this photograph very interesting for at least 5 reasons. Can you say what you find interesting in this photo and then maybe we can compare notes?

Also of interest for qulfi/kulfi lovers at ATP: here and here.

26 responses to “Mohabbat Qulfi: Name 5 Interesting Things In This Photo”

  1. Tamashbeen says:

    Thank you everyone. You have encouraged me greatly. So greatly, that I now have done my second post also on qulfi carts.

    My list of five was:

    1. The Qulfi looks like it was made in AQ KHan Labs. Looks like a rocket.
    2. Asif Naeem Sb puts his own phone number. I guess he is looking for mohabbat too.
    3. Guys Afro, French beard and red pea-cap. International aashiq indeed.
    4. Love the purple streaks in the lady’s hair.
    5. Start everything with Allah-Mohammad, even Mohabbat.

  2. Bhitai says:

    1. The girl has her hair dyed
    2. The guy looks like Salman Ahmed.
    3. Looks like he’s stabbing the word ‘Muhabbat’ with a Qulfi.
    4. The owner is affiliated with the ‘Ya Muhammad’ school of thought (meaning he’s not a takfiri ;-))
    5. The girl in the painting has colored eyes

  3. HMD says:

    Unless it is somehow saved from melting, “muhabbet kulfi” will have a very short life span in the hot and dry Pakistani climate. Our red-capped hero would have to be quick if he is relying on the melting qulfi to deliver his message of love. All the more reason for invoking the holy spirits!

  4. engr says:

    Great idea to compete cornetto , I like it .

  5. Benawa says:

    They can’t help it, Karachiwalla. Their brains are addled &
    scrambled by Freudian psychology. I am sure the Qulfi Walla
    had no ulterior motives except to eke out a few bucks. He
    even invokes the sacred merely to generate some much
    needed “burkat,” for his little business. May the almighty
    bless him!

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