Runa Laila Unplugged

Posted on June 17, 2008
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Owais Mughal

There are 4 songs in this post.

While surfing on YouTube, I was happpily surprised to find followng songs by Runa Laila. Many of you may know that she is the world famous singer from Bangladesh. She has a huge contribution of singing Urdu songs in Pakistani movies. She has also sung Punjabi, Pashto and Bengali songs in Pakistan. Infact, she has sung in 17 different languages of the world.

In Pakistan, Runa Laila has won 2 Nigar Awards, 2 Graduate Awards, 1 Critics Award and a National Council of Music Gold Medal. Besides Pakistan she as won numerous awards in her native Bangladesh as well as in India. There is a large collection of her songs available on YouTube but I picked the 4 that I like the most. I hope you like them too.

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Song Title: ranjish hi sahih, dil hi dukhanay ke liyay aa

Movie: Mohabbat, 1972

Music: Nisar Bazmi

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Song Title: humeiN kho kar

Movie: Ehsaas, 1974

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Song Title: kaaTay ne kaTTeN rattiyaaN, sayyaaN intzaar meiN

Movie: Umrao Jan Ada, 1974,

Music: Nisar Bazmi,

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Song Title: un ki nazroN se mohabbat ka jo peghaam mila

Music: Nashaad

45 responses to “Runa Laila Unplugged”

  1. Tanvir Ahmed says:

    We bangladeshis don’t hate Pakistanies.We hate the leaders and also Army leaders who were in power.They were autocratic,did injustice to us.Not only Bangladeshis but also Pakistanies will never forgive them.Once we had a same dream of having freedom.Kaed-e-azam Jinnah made it true.He continued the brotherhood bond between east and west.After his death we forgot his lessons.My question to all can a person forget the killing of his father,mother,sister,brother,wife?The old citizens of Dhaka use Urdu as their mother tongue.Even Biharies(who came here from India after riot)use it also.So you can’t say we hate Urdu or Urdu songs.We hear the songs of melody queen Noorjahan.Urdu songs of Runa laila is being telecasted in our tv channels.We are blind fan of Pakistan cricket team.The photo of Shahid Aridi is common in every home.

  2. inayat memon says:

    It is my spiritual Feeling That Runa Laila is the legend artist of the word her voice is special gift of God we all sindhi peoples are still missing her sindhi songs, now sindhi music is orphan music,without Runa laila ustad juman and Ibrahim Abida Parveen is not counting as sindhi singers now he is Darbari Singer.her Sophi Rag is only for retired baurocarates.
    so I request Runa Liala for singing sindhi songs.
    his past was very butiful in sindh.
    as sindhi peoples are still missing her vice .
    inayat memon
    larkana sindh pakistan

  3. AJ says:

    I’m Bangladeshi and I would love to see Runa Laila singing Urdu songs again. If she did then other Bangladeshi artists would follow her and start singing in Urdu as well. It would bring Bangladeshi and Pakistani music industries closer.

  4. Ashok Salian says:

    Runa Laila, Shahnaz Rahamuttalah and Firdousi Rahman are very popular in India. I wish these singers take part in some of the music based Indian reality shows like ‘Saregamapa’, ‘Indian Idol’ as Guest singers or Judges. There are also many Bangla TV channels which would love to have these singers. Indians love you all.

  5. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ Shahnaz Begum,

    1. She was beautiful, I was in college.

    2. She had a song ” Geo to is dharti kay nattay,
    Maro to is kay naam ho oo
    maro to is kay naam
    Bandhein to yehi Bandhan Bandhein,
    yun jina kis kaam ho,ooo

    and she became more beautiful, since that day and still
    Rafay Kashmiri

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