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Posted on March 7, 2009
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Owais Mughal

(1) ae mere hum-nasheeN by Munni Begum

When I listen to this ghazal, each and every word of it seems so true in Pakistan’s current socio-religio-political situation. The relevance of poetry in this ghazal is simply amazing. e.g. look at this couplet.

zalimo apni qismat pe nazaan na ho
daur badle ga ye waqt ki baat hai
woh yaqeenan sune ga sadaaeN meri
kia tumhara khuda hai, hamara nahiN

I wish I could find live video of this ghazal, but hopefully the most powerful poetry of this ghazal will make the audio suffice.

(2) agar tum mil jaao by Tassawur Khanum

(3) chupke chupke raat din by Ghulam Ali

Our avid reader Asad recommends this ghazal

(4) mujhe apne zabt pe naaz tha Nayyara Noor

Adnan Ahmed recommends following ghazal sung by enchanting Nayyara

(5) ajnabi shehr ke ajnabi raasteSalman Alvi

Baber recommends following ghazal sung Salman Alvi

(6) mausam badla rut gajraai Amanat Ali Khan

Following ghazal is recommended by S.H. Kavi.

(7) ye dhuwaaN saa kahaaN se uThta haiMehdi Hassan

This gazal is recommended by Jameel.

(8) dhoondo ge agar mulkoN mulkoN Abida Parveen

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16 responses to “ATP’s bazm-e-ghazal

  1. Naveed Siraj says:

    Owais, thank you very much. Youtube has been able to preserve a lot of these gems. Tasawar Khanum’s performance on the Zia Mohyuddin show in the early 70s is etched in my memory and if I recall she sang Nasir Kazmi’s “dil main ik lehr see uthee hai abhee”. I believe she was the one who sang it originally before Ghulam Ali added this to his ghazal repertoire

    From the TKhanum’s series that you have posted, Bari Thani is my favorite. Though the language is thait punjabi and I do not follow entirely, but I get the gist of the yearning of which she sings ie., “jehRA vasay watanoon paray, rab odhee khair karay”
    I think this line is for all ex-pat pakistani friends. There cannot be a more sincere prayer for their well-being :)

    I am glad you have uploaded the EMI version of Munni Begum. EMI collection is very difficult to get these days.

    Attended an Abida Parveen concert this past Saturday where she was, as usual, magnificant with “Dhonday gay”

    I leave you with her rendition of Faiz;I have only heard her cover this ghazal & not any other major ghazal singers

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