Valentine’s Day: Mohabbat IS our Saqafat

Posted on February 14, 2011
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Adil Najam

Mohabbat aisa darya hai, kay barish tHehR bhi jayee
Tou paani kam nahiN hoota

I am not much of a “Valentine’s Day” celebrating type. Yet, each year I find myself writing a post on the subject. I had convinced myself that this year I would not. But, then, just an hour ago I found myself being interviewed on excatly that – Valentine Day in Pakistan – on an Urdu radio show.

Once again, I realized the futility of such discussions. My response was simple. Since when is mohabbat (love) not part of our saqafat (culture)? And if we are to build a culture not defined by mohabbat (love), then what will it be defined by? Nafrat (hate)!!

Those who do not wish to celebrate Valentines Day, should not. And those who chose to do so can do so in totally “Pakistani ways” – as so many are already doing (Valentine’s Day cards with Ghalib verses on them!). But ultimately, mohabbat (love) is a sentiment very worth celebrating.

Mohabbat Zindabaad!

22 responses to “Valentine’s Day: Mohabbat IS our Saqafat”

  1. readinglord says:

    Here, in Islamabad, one sees a lot of graffiti (big wall-chalkings) in Urdu, like ‘Hurmate Rasool par jaan bhi qurban he’ depicting some body’s extreme love for the Rasool but not indicating whose sacrifice they intend. Interestingly these graffiti appear indiscriminately, mostly in muslim locales. Why, because they fear danger the ‘hurmate rasool’ from muslims? No! Their purpose is evidently to terrorize the people by using, like Yazid, the sword of Islam to subjugate them. Their love means only to sacrifice others like Thugs do in the name of Kali Devi.

  2. Arif Masood says:

    <3 I LOVE my family and loved ones, my Allah, my religion Islam, MY culture all that deserved to be loved but do NOT need a valentine day to do it. culture define societies, and i believe, I STRONGLY BELIEVE that our society could do lot more better without VALENTINE DAY. Celebrating valentine day will end up wid more bad than good. dont wana argue on reasons for it.. everyone who is mature enough to open this page and read or comment on articles is wise enough to know how many of us use this for what what kind of reasons. all said, i have no issues if u wana celebrate it or if u believe that it is better for u , ur family or society. To every one his own views. peace :)

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