Happy Valentine’s Day, Peshawar, Pakistan

Posted on February 14, 2008
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Adil Najam

Valentine Pakistan Muslim

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This rather striking picture, taken by Associated Press in Peshawar Pakistan is remarkable just for it captivating composition. But I have no doubt that our readers will not disappoint in making more of this than probably needs to be made!

46 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day, Peshawar, Pakistan”

  1. Aliya says:

    Actually, I know quite a bit about privacy law (the type of stuff they taught us at Law School).

    For news photographs, you do NOT need permission. Do you think they take permission from the cricket match crowd when taking their photograph or showing them on TV.

    If there was something compromising in the picture then there might be a courtesy argument, but there is no such thing in that. A woman is looking at a card in a shop, what is wrong with that. The picture becomes interesting only because of the angle (via another card), but otherwise is totally innocent, except in teh dirty minds of some men maybe!

    As a woman, I see no problem with this. Nor why my brother or father would be concerned.

    If you are indeed her brother or father maybe you should apologize to her for the implication of your sexist comment.

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