95 more lose their lives in Peshawar

Posted on October 28, 2009
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Owais Mughal

Innocent Pakistanis continue to pay the price. 95 more martyred in Peshawar today. Why and for what? Our deep condolances to bereaved families. No words left for me to say except a deep numbing effect. I do have a longing and a loud cry for PEACE. Is Pakistan becoming the next Algeria? Dawn coverage here. Jang coverage here. The News coverage here.

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  1. BB@B says:

    @Riaz Haq

    They are the strategic asset of pakistnais millitary as claimed by millitary head, why should india support them?

  2. Asim Kaleem says:

    At least the government should learn something from Iranians who made such a hue and cry after the blast in their national guards procession. How fast they react and how immediate they were to take action to prevent such things in future.

    But our government, just condeming and thats all. The fact is that Iranian government take care of its people and they know their responsibility towards their people. Unfortunately, our government never worried about who and where is dying. They can only feel this when one of their own shall experience this horrible menace.

  3. Riaz Haq says:

    Significant differences in the organizations, objectives, strategies and tactics are beginning to emerge between the Afghan and the Pakistani Taliban with the intensification of violence on both sides of the border. The Afghan insurgents generally have shown greater concern about avoiding civilian casualties, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Unlike the Pakistani Taliban who deliberately target to maximize civilian deaths, the main targets of the Afghan Taliban have been the foreigners who they see as occupiers, not the ordinary Afghan civilians.

    Here’s a view of India’s involvement with the Taliban to foment trouble in Pakistan as seen by Laura Rozen in her article in Foreign Policy Magazine:

    While the U.S. media has frequently reported on Pakistani ties to jihadi elements launching attacks in Afghanistan, it has less often mentioned that India supports insurgent forces attacking Pakistan, the former intelligence official said. “The Indians are up to their necks in supporting the Taliban against the Pakistani government in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” the former (US) intelligence official who served in both countries said. “The same anti-Pakistani forces in Afghanistan also shooting at American soldiers are getting support from India. India should close its diplomatic establishments in Afghanistan and get the Christ out of there.”

    K.C. Verma, a former IB official and a RAW outsider, was appointed earlier this year as the new head of RAW. This choice appears to have been made at the suggestion of intelligence hawks like B. Raman to appoint an outsider, in spite of significant resistance from within the agency. Mr. Verma has been tasked with rapidly building strong covert ops capabilities within RAW. It is not a coincidence that the terrorist attacks in Pakistan have dramatically increased since Verma took the reins of RAW.

    You can read more at http://www.riazhaq.com/2009/10/taliban-or-raw-liba n.html

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