Pakistanis Die. Pakistanis Cry. Hum he Qatl Ho Rahey Hein, Hum he Qatl Kar Rahey Hein

Posted on March 9, 2011
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Adil Najam

Today: Suicide Blast in Adezai near Peshawar kills 37, injures 52.

Yesterday: A car bomb in Faisalabad kills 25, injures 125.

The Taliban, in both cases, take “credit” for murder and mayhem.

What is there is to add? Pakistanis cry. Pakistanis die.

Our tears have no value. Our pain has no standing. Our words have no meaning. The absurdity that we live has no limits. Jo marra woh bhi shaheed. Jiss nay maara woh bhi shaheed.

Tomorrow: More Pakistanis will die. Tomorrow more Pakistanis will cry. But, tomorrow is another day!

Meray Shehr jal rahey haiN, Meray Loug mar rahey haiN
Hum he Qatl ho rahey haiN, hum he Qatl kar rahey haiN

30 responses to “Pakistanis Die. Pakistanis Cry. Hum he Qatl Ho Rahey Hein, Hum he Qatl Kar Rahey Hein

  1. Amjad says:

    humari qismat mein bus qatl hona he reh gaya hai!

  2. Ammar says:

    Recently i heard an american professor give an incisive and in-depth analysis of Pakistan’s dangerous double-game in providing safe havens to afghan taliban and al-qaeda leadership and channeling US dollars towards funding them.He admitted this funding could not be sufficient and that the remaining funding of taliban came from poppy and through money from arab countries to jihadi seminaries.When asked why poppy could not be eliminated, he gave the pet reply that immediately ending the crop would further destroy rural economy so there had to be a gradual replacement with other crops etc.;the other reason in failing to eliminate reliance on poppy growth was corruption and collusion of afghan govt officials.What professor failed to answer was whether part of massive expenditure on war on terror could not be used to support local rural economies and enhance govt pay, and based on both could poppy not be eliminated?And for poppy grown in taliban controlled areas couldnt the international channels through which it is traded be busted?Also all arab countries were US/western allies so couldnt they be prevailed upon to stop funding seminaries for certain period?Professor’s reply was that US is considered all powerful, but is not.It can persuade arab countries from desisting in funding seminaries in pakistan but cant stop them, unless it opens antagonistic fronts with them.Also arab ngos and private businesses fund seminaries too.Similarly it cant bust all international drug cartels and their transaction channels overnight.And who was funding taliban who attack main cities of pakistan and govt and military installations? Professor’s view seemed to be that all taliban are interconnected.So apart from money that goes to seminaries from arab states and private individuals the money going to afghan taliban from pakistan forces and drug money also channelizes to taliban who are against pakistan govt.So based on professor’s narrative, pakistan is playing double-game with US and int’l community, and may be taliban(even though divided into different groups )are playing double-game on pakistan(getting support to sustain war in afghanistan and using part of it to attack and weaken pakistan itself).I thought how dumb the professor must assume the pakistan military planners(or the audience) to be?!He could have simplified his complex equations by simply factoring in another double-game that everyone mentions and then dumps as another conspiracy theory, that of US and the few countries that count as ‘int’l community’. But why should double-game of Pakistan alone be an exception to this conspiracy theory black box?So the oft repeated conspiracy theory that drone attacks are continued to flare up extremism, funding channels through poppy and arab sources are allowed to operate unhindered, and augmented with other funding sources and logistic support by USA and through other countries like india and israel interested in defanging pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, seems more plausible to me after hearing the pot-holed theory of the far is the day when martyr bomber tries to infilterate a nuclear installation?a martyr sinning by committing suicide, sinning by likelier murdering innocent people on the way,and doomed to fulfill the ‘devil’s ‘ dream of eliminating islamic world’s only nuclear bomb, using devil’s pittance…

  3. shahid says:

    Long live fundamentalism or long live human common sense?

    Every muslim is the only true muslim.
    Every body else is nonmuslim because he/she could be doing some thing against the religion if seen through the microscope by any body else.
    If we are to follow the fundamentalist principle that non muslims must be eliminated, then every body must start killing everybody else.

    Long live fundamentalism or long live human common sense?

  4. Asim says:

    I do not have any hope of this getting fixed in my life time. For the past 30 years of my life that I have witnessed myself, we have not only allowed but honored all the religious and political leaders/mullahs to spread the message of hate againts India, Israel, America, Russia, Ismailis, shias, sunnis, punjabis, pathans, sindhis, mahajirs. All this hatred for everyone else has taken strong roots by now….it will take generations to wipe clean all the brain washing that had taken place in the past.

  5. Asad says:

    And last thing, how do we take credit of such wrong doings?

    If Mr A does this, and sends a letter in in the name of Mr B?

    I do not negate, but i urge to keep open a window of sanity, rationality, a window of possibility. . .

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