Pakistanis Die. Pakistanis Cry. Hum he Qatl Ho Rahey Hein, Hum he Qatl Kar Rahey Hein

Posted on March 9, 2011
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Adil Najam

Today: Suicide Blast in Adezai near Peshawar kills 37, injures 52.

Yesterday: A car bomb in Faisalabad kills 25, injures 125.

The Taliban, in both cases, take “credit” for murder and mayhem.

What is there is to add? Pakistanis cry. Pakistanis die.

Our tears have no value. Our pain has no standing. Our words have no meaning. The absurdity that we live has no limits. Jo marra woh bhi shaheed. Jiss nay maara woh bhi shaheed.

Tomorrow: More Pakistanis will die. Tomorrow more Pakistanis will cry. But, tomorrow is another day!

Meray Shehr jal rahey haiN, Meray Loug mar rahey haiN
Hum he Qatl ho rahey haiN, hum he Qatl kar rahey haiN

30 responses to “Pakistanis Die. Pakistanis Cry. Hum he Qatl Ho Rahey Hein, Hum he Qatl Kar Rahey Hein

  1. Asad says:

    And who will not condemn such acts?

    What we cry over is that we continue to search our way out without being rational enough!

    We need to stand even closer to our ulema in these testing times so that we may not get astray.

  2. Asad says:


    It is indeed very iconic that we lost all our rationality when talking about the suicide attacks.
    Naive people are claiming that the ulema do not grasp the full text of the holy book and they do?

    Let me put a simple test. Just read the first verse of the surah e bqarah, then read its meaning, and compare your understanding of the meaning with that written in ay authentic tafseer, say tafseer e usmani.
    For that matter, i am not sure how many of us even know the exact meaning of the word Rub, which we use in the five prayers in surah e fatiha?

    The point is simple that as we continue to follow the advice of experts in all fields ranging from accountancy to medicine, we should adapt the same approach when dealing with the religious affairs and should give weightage to the opinion of a person in line with his religious calibre.

    I wonder how many of us know the exact heirarchy of course work for ulema that signifies their level of grasp over the religious affairs. In the absence of this knowledge, we simply remain unable to know which level of religious hierarchy the person speaking to us belongs to, and thus what we do is listening to a matric student for a black hole theory and end up concluding that he is not saying the right thing! Not just that, we go further to blame that all scientists in effect do not know any thing about the black hold theory at all, and we Do!

    Cmon people!

  3. Naeny Khan says:

    In the line of Martyrdom, A comparative Analysis
    There is a much debate going on among the different walks of life in condemning suicide bombings and bombers labeling the culprits as the brutal murderers of innocent civilians
    I dare not to criticize the condemnation of suicide bombings, not at all……
    Instead want to project my own opinion (correct me if I am wrong) in comparative account of psychological mindsets of two opposing parties in a battle field of FATA region both hailing from common faith and nation-state.
    A Suicide bomber (mostly 16-22 in age), ready to tie up a bomb with his body and blow him up preferably in a crowded area killing tens and hundreds of civilians around is basically inspired with the spirit of jihad or revenge the sufferings of his near and dear ones in the name of alleged terrorist or simply the collateral damage. His sacrifice is a violent struggle against the existing pro-west anti Islamic government. To him, this suicide bombing and its aftermath is a pressure tactic mounting on the government institution to pressurize them for the change of their respective policies which are triggering such incidents. Thus, A suicide bomber, a fundamentalist, an insurgent, a militant/terrorist, an effecte of war on terror or any other suitable title (for that matters) is moving towards his death with the pride of sacrificing his life in the line of martyrdom and his way towards the eternal peace.
    On another hand, take the example of a uniformed soldier of Pak Army or from any law enforcing agency of government, fighting with the spirit of nationalism against whom, he have been told, are working on anti state agenda aiming at destabilizing his country. The soldier with the enthusiasm of safeguarding the ideological foundations and geographical integral limits of his homeland fights for ensuring the writ of government in a region is proud of moving towards his death in the line of martyrdom to find the eternal peace.
    Now, suppose a battle field, where both the fighters confront each other in open armed violent opposition, we could categorically segregate the phenomenon as,
    • Fundamentalism versus Patriotism
    • Islamization versus Nationalism
    • Revenge versus Duty
    Out of the above two extreme ends, one thing is common, the spirit of martyrdom……

    Whatever may be the list of root causes between both the physiological mindsets,
    Whatever may be the most appropriate and convincing justification for their approaches
    At the end, it’s a fight among
    • Missionary versus Missionary
    • Muslim versus Muslim
    • Pakistani versus Pakistan
    I often find it a stranger fact that a war with origination from 70’s and 80’s between the two super powers of the times got modified into a one fought today in FATA region of Pakistan where A Pakistani Muslim Missionary is murdering another Pakistani Muslim Missionary and claim to fight in the line of martyrdom…….

  4. banjara286 says:

    suicide bombers may be illiterate without internet access, but is that also the case with the security establishment and the generals in the ghq?

    why is it that no one wants to say the khari baat? neither the author, nor the commentators.

    what is the point of all this lip service and crocodile tears?

    is it not true that these goons who are now blowing themselves up and killing a lot of defenseless, innocent, civilians, wereonce cultivated, trained, and supported by the national security agencies, with full tacit approval of the ghq, to support their own agenda about which the ordinary citizens of pakistan and their families – now paying the price with their blood – were never consulted?

    is it also not true that neither isi, nor mi, nor ghq would touch their assets in fata and southern punjab regardless of how many people get slaughtered on the streets?

    will someone explain to me what is the pupose of writing all these hollow blogs?

    iss chaman mein pairav-e bulbul ho ya tasveer-e gul
    ya saraapa naala ban ja, ya nava paeda na kar …

  5. ahsan raza says:

    Ya Allah Pakistan Par Raham Kr.

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