Pakistan’s Valentine War

Posted on February 14, 2010
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Adil Najam

It is not as if we do not have enough real problems in Pakistan to worry about. Why, then, do we keep inventing imaginary fights to worry about? Here are some Valentine’s Day pictures from Pakistan.

55 responses to “Pakistan’s Valentine War”

  1. Kanwal says:

    Yep! After viewing the illustrations i noticed that our religon and than culture not allow to adapt such accustoms revolved around in Western!

  2. no name says:

    @Mohammed Wasim
    very funny indeed..what you wanna say that Islam and its teaching is not compatible with contemporary century.
    using a computer and celebrating valentine is entirely different is a neutral technology and its upto you how you use that.
    and you forget its Muslims who monopolized in the field of science in those centuries when they were strongly following the teachings of Quran and sunnah.

  3. bee says:

    West culture…just leave it…

  4. Hassan Sultan says:

    I am not against Valentines Day. Nor do i support it for me it is a just a harmless invention of card companies which bring no harm to you if you just choose to ignore it.

    I am prompted to write this after reading a comment made by M. Wasim. I cant quite comprehend that anyone can be so illogical. Infact even if you put logic aside can you please tell me which pagan inventions should we avoid. Just to name a few what about cars, air conditioners, cell phones, fridges etc etc.

  5. Fareedi says:

    We as a subculture enjoy lots of prominent days and events of a dominant culture say, New Year Day (Gregorian calander), Christmas, Halloween, etc etc

    now ,Valentine’s day celeberation is another addition to follow by force or by the infectious – cultural influence of the dominant culture, washing your hand is not the resolve or hiding in the qurentine cube is a temporary care. So be a dominant or be dominated by……..
    C):-)+ (I:{=

    a dominant culture is one that is able, through economic or political power, to impose its values, language, and ways of behaving on a subordinate culture or cultures. This may be achieved through legal or political suppression of other sets of values and patterns of behaviour, or by monopolizing the media of communication”. (

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