95 more lose their lives in Peshawar

Posted on October 28, 2009
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Owais Mughal

Innocent Pakistanis continue to pay the price. 95 more martyred in Peshawar today. Why and for what? Our deep condolances to bereaved families. No words left for me to say except a deep numbing effect. I do have a longing and a loud cry for PEACE. Is Pakistan becoming the next Algeria? Dawn coverage here. Jang coverage here. The News coverage here.

28 responses to “95 more lose their lives in Peshawar”

  1. Annonous says:

    All captured Taliban should be put in glass container, in public place, so they can feel the emotional onslaught of relatives of the peoples they have hurted!

  2. Viqar Minai says:

    Is there any infromation from any source about the culprits who carried out this atrocity? I have not seen anything in the media reports so far.

  3. Ibrahim says:

    They, as always, have denied such actions: http://tinyurl.com/yzp4vvm

    May Allah have mercy on those who died, ameen.

  4. Sajjad Junaidi says:

    Adding to what Asim said, I would say declare Taliban or their sympathizers as non-Muslims and put ‘Taliban’ on their ID cards and passport just like we did to poor Qadianis under pressure from radical mullahs. At least Qadianis had no bad intent against Pakistan or other fellow citizens of Pakistan.

    Our leaders’ decisions have always been made on political motivations (I know its not a news to anyone) rather than keeping citizens interest in mind.

  5. Adnan Siddiqi says:

    @Zecchetti : Well last night GEO was “breaking the news” that they captured few “militants” with Indian weapons. Is it the beginning of new era of Indo-Pak “friendship”?

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