Abida Parveen Suffers Heart Attack While Performing; Undergoes Surgery; Now Recovering

Posted on November 28, 2010
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Adil Najam

Acclaimed folk and ghazal singer Abida Parveen suffered a heart attack (myocardial infarction) Saturday evening while performing in Lahore. She was taken to Lahore’s Doctors Hospital where an angioplasty was performed and a stent installed successfully. The celebrated 56 year old singer in now recovering. Reportedly the doctors treating her say that “she is stable and out of danger.”

Abida Parvee has not only instilled a new spirit into the great Sufi renditions that she has become so famous for but has revived, revitalized and popularized Sufi singing and given it national and international acclaim. Well beyond that, her mastery over ghazal and semi-classical singing places her as a legend within her own times.

As long-time fans of the Larkana-born maestro who has won so many hearts around the globe with her passionate performances and humble demeanor, we at ATP wish Abida Parveen a speedy recovery and the very best of health going forth. We are sure our readers join us in these prayers.

Now that we have the good news that she is out of danger and medically stable, maybe a fitting tribute is her soulful rendition of “Chaiti aaveeN wey tabeeba, naeen tay meiN marr gaaeyan” (rough translation: ‘Come quickly, O’ physician; or else I will expire!).

We are glad that the physicians were close at hand when she needed them!

19 responses to “Abida Parveen Suffers Heart Attack While Performing; Undergoes Surgery; Now Recovering”

  1. Yasir Hasan says:

    I am so glad that she is alive. May Allah grant her complete health and speedy recovery.

    I am so pissed off with our irresponsible media, I was watching Sun TV yesterday and they reported that Abida Parveen has been died (God forbid). I was so worried and watched other channels but thankfully there was no such news anywhere.

    These stupid channels just to say that they broke a particular news first, go to such extents that are not only non-professional, but also pathetic and unethical. Furthermore on that channel I didn’t see any apology message for the wrong reporting… Laanut ho aisay media per…

  2. She is a very good classical singer. I pray to God to give her good health.

  3. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “Allah sehat day”
    – “I’m surprised she made it this far !!! She needs Gastric bypass surgery ASAP…”
    – “MOLA sehat de…”
    – “Pakistan’s nightingale.May she recover quickly so we can be mesmerized by her Sufiana kalaam.”
    – “may she recover soon”
    – “May Allah Bless her. Hope she will be Recovered Soon.”

  4. Mrs. Sajida Aziz says:

    Our prayers are with Abida Parveen. Get well soon.
    Great song selection. Wonderful song and very appropriate.

  5. banjara286 says:

    praying for her full – and quick – recovery. she is a wonderful national asset.

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