Posted on December 22, 2010
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25 responses to “Preparing for Christmas, Pakistan Style”

  1. Francis Aslam says:

    May all Pakistanis of all faiths and of all creed prosper in the new year.

  2. Dart says:

    Happy Christmas an a Happy New Year to Pakistan.

  3. Adnan says:

    @Zeechetti. Considering every one a Muslim just because he/she has a Muslim name is not sensible at all. I remember Christian maasis of our homes used to say InshAllah and MashaAllah and they had Muslim names.

    On a related note, Pakistani expats are no different than suicidal kids who are brainwashed by different groups. Similarly Western society brainwash these liberal kids. For them West is like a “Big City” of a Paindu who gets happy after seeing lots of “Batian” and ignore the dark side of the society. This is why my darling friend shahidunNisa does not read American papers and watch news channels otherwise he would not have said words like “Tolerance” for American society.

  4. Zecchetti says:


    to your comment:

    “To all the assimilated Pakistani Americans.
    If you must Please drink responsibly.”

    Shame on all those who have sold out their religion and its values for the (vain) pleasures of the worldly life.

  5. ShahidnUSA says:

    For sure, this is my favorite time of the year. I grew up around Christians in PECHS Karachi.

    Thank you Allah. Many moons ago my plane took off from Karachi and landed on the JFK airport around this time. A short walk on the 5th avenue and Broadway Manhattan New York.

    I saw the manners.
    I saw the tolerance.

    And almost similarly just how I glued to this website (Thank you ATP!)
    I instantly fell in love with America and to this day even through thick and thins , this love affairs hasn’t gone any less.
    (Thank you America!)
    A very hearty Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate this day and in return you can say Happy Holidays to me or even if you say Merry Christmas back to me, I wouldn’t mind. The point is to celebrate the lives of good people.

    To all the assimilated Pakistani Americans.
    If you must Please drink responsibly.

    And to all the Pakistanis.
    You are the great people of a great nation. See you are 12 hours ahead of us, when you go to sleep, we are waking up and vice versa.
    If you must please procreate responsibly.