Khatra: Enter At Your Own Risk

Posted on February 1, 2011
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A for [Pine]Apple

This picture needs no commentary. It was taken at Chak 151 near Sargodha by Mohammad Awais. But it could really have been about anywhere in Pakistan. Or about Pakistan itself.

For those unable to read the board, the big bold red lettering reads, KHATRA! (DANGER!). The smaller prints reads:

Khabardar. Koee ajnabi shakhs shaam aath bajay kay baad gaoN meiN dakhil na ho. Warna apni jaan ha khod zimay-dar ho ga. Shukria. Barai meharbani apni shnakht karwaeiN. Minjanib: Rai Tahir Abbas Numbardar.

Warning. Strangers should not enter the village after 8PM. Otherwise, they will be responsible for their own safety (life). Thank you. Please identify yourself. On behalf of Rai Tahir Abbas Numbardar.

15 responses to “Khatra: Enter At Your Own Risk”

  1. Azra says:

    I guess its a fair warning and the village has right to do so.

  2. Kamal says:

    Very appropriate picture. You should make it a header!

  3. Sana Saleem says:

    Good discovery !

    The villagers are trying to manage the security on their own… They know the police….

  4. farrukh says:

    Just rubbish article , if u guys dont have any good articles to post then dont exaggerate things like that ,just to add the number of post in your blogs,

  5. ATP Administrator says:

    Thanks Aruna. you are right and correction is made.

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