Adil Najam Music is on my mind again. Literally. This song has been playing non-stop in my mind as well as in my headphones for two weeks now (ever since I did my last post on Arieb Azhar’s music). I thought it would be overkill to write, yet again, about him and his music, but […]

Pakistan After Osama

Posted on May 26, 2011
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Tamashbeen The Al Qaida and Taliban are stupid. Here is why. Fact: Osama Bin Laden was killed by the Americans. Pakistan had nothing to do with that particular operation. This evident from the great soul-searching in Pakistan and chest-thumping in USA on this. Yet, who is Al Qaida, Taliban and Co. “punishing” for Osama’s death? […]

Adil Najam The headline is actually a tweet that has been floating around since the attack on Mehran Naval Aviation Base in Karachi two days ago. As far as I can tell it originated from @thekarachikid. Short. Pithy. Poignant. Depicting a truth that Pakistanis can feel in their bones. The power of the statement is […]