A Story in 3 Pictures: Of Defiance, Hope, and Need

Posted on May 24, 2009
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Adil Najam

The three pictures in this post need little by way of commentary. Between them they present three facets of the unfolding IDPs story that will, one way or the other, help define Pakistan’s future. All three are pictures of internally displaced Pakistanis (IDPs). But much more than that, these are pictures about each one of us. These are pictures about their defiance, their hopes, and their needs. But these must also become pictures of our defiance, our hopes and our continuing resolve to help them meet those needs.

The first picture, above, must serve as a reminder to all of us of what this is all about. Who the IDPs are. In whose name they have been ‘displaced.’ And why this must be a story about all of us. The second picture is the type of picture I hope we will see more of; and soon. It shows a bus returning to Buner as at least part of the region has now been cleared of Pakistan’s enemies. But it is the third picture that we must not forget. It is a picture of the immediatcy of and the enormity of the relief needs that are still needed and which will continue to be needed; even if we did see many more pictures like the middle one (which I earnestly hope we will).

It is in meeting these immediate needs that allof us can play a real role, no matter where we are. ATP readers have already contributed upwards of US$ 5500 ($3500 through direct contributions, and $2000 from our Ads). We have now sent US$ 2000 to the Edhi Foundation in Pakistan and US$ 2000 to UNHCR. We continue to collect and intend to make a third tranche of contribution soon. As always, do let us know of other good ways to get the IDPs the support they need.

17 responses to “A Story in 3 Pictures: Of Defiance, Hope, and Need”

  1. The nation is waking up but watch out for the self proclaimed Islamists.

  2. Farouqui says:

    I think the nation has finally begun to come together around this issue and finally begun to realize that our real enemy are the Taliban and these terrorists. Let us tackle them strongly.

  3. Shabbir Raza says:

    The most important of these pictures is the one of the bus returning to Buner. If people remain in camps too long then resentment and anger will start. So we really need this to be a clear victory and a quick operations so that people can have faith and return home as soon as possible. Otherwise they will sway to the side of the enemy.

  4. Qadir Ali says:

    Yes I also saw Dr Najam on Geo and he did very good. Same passion ad here. GEO did good to ask him to raise funds for this vital cause.

  5. Tahir Ahmed says:

    just saw Adil Najam fundraising on GEO for this …. Wonderful job and raised tons of money…. So glad he is continuing this elsewhere also

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