Posted on August 7, 2006
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4 responses to “Guest Post: Decaying heritage”

  1. Dr Shah Murad Mastoi Rind Baloch says:

    I personally visited satgharah at OKARA…….I saw tomb of my Grand Pa MIR CHAKAR KHAN RIND. It is not well maintained indeed.

  2. muhammad aslam gabdu says:

    dear sir
    being a collector radio carbon test-14 is occasionally
    needed to know the exact age of an precious stone
    item so please inform me if the required facility is
    catered to needed like me with its exact charges

    with thanks
    muhammad aslam gabdu

  3. Raza says:

    Very well written and presented. The neglect that we see here is not just a localized problem, its nationwide. The government is one thing, the worst part is that most of our people don’t really care about our heritage too. You see lovers etching or chalking up their names on historic buildings or other enthusiasts who just want people to know that they too have visited this place, leaving behind their names on the walls. To me, crumbling state of these buildings is not as bad as the desecration I just described above. Crumbles at least give these buildings a certain charm and a feeling of being historic because as we all know when our government (or the responsible department) does do any restoration, it is of an overzealous kind which in an attampt to preserve such historical places, completely takes away from the authenticity of the original grandeur.

  4. jugnoo says:

    Well i wanted to see ALL THINGS OF PAKISTAN but couldnt do so. Well nice way to represent our cultural heritage