ATP Photo-Quiz: Guess the city?

Posted on August 21, 2006
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Adil Najam

This photograph shows a city-lights night view of a major Pakistani city. Can you guess which?

Credit details will be provided with the answer. (Answer Here.)

26 responses to “ATP Photo-Quiz: Guess the city?”

  1. osman says:

    theres too much smog over lahore and karachi to produce a picture so clear! it is islambad, end of discussion

  2. mamoon says:

    well it could even be barcelona or dubai. If one can look at the dark area in the bottom as a sea. Then odd lights in the dark may well be boats. But the guess is its major city of Pakistan. It might well be then karachi but it doesnt have mountains around it. Could be quetta but then im not very familiar with quetta and the mountains surrounding it are very high. That leaves us with Islamabad and the bright lights show damen-e-koh, the relatively newly decorated damen-e-koh has similar light effect. which means the pic is taken frm pir suhawa and the darker patches on the left r rawal lake, convention center area as well as sports complex. But then I have a problem as to where is shkar pariyaan. It doesnt look the pic covers it which it should with the angle it has captured damen-e-koh with.
    -And if u observe there is a very dim light far away in the north-west seemingly on the mountain. This means the pic is either capturing extreme west side of islamabad with darker patches being area further than rawal lake. e.g. the hill tops where some where Imran khan has his villa.

    So again its pretty dynamic pic :)

  3. Rabia Bashir says:


    Adil, we do need to have an option to correct our comments :)

  4. Rabia Bashir says:

    This picture gives the impression of Islamabad at night (the closet I could guess)!

  5. Gohar Qureshi says:


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