Mubarakbaad: Wedding dholls for Bilal

Posted on September 3, 2006
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Adil Najam

All of us here at ATP want to wish our colleague Bilal Zuberi the very best of luck on his marriage day; today.

Yes, you heard it right! From one married guy to a soon-to-be-married guy: “hunn, lagg patta jaaye ga!”; this phrase is not translatable but lagg patta jaaye ga” is profoundly different in effect and intent from “patta lagg jaaye ga.”

But all jokes apart, this is wonderful and much awaited news. As someone I have known now for many many years and someone who I both respect and am fond, my prayers and sincerest best wishes are with him today. ATP readers, of course, know Bilal as part of the core ATP team and from his various posts here. Whether it is him talking about donkey races, Inspector Jamshed, Naii’s or 7-star hotels, we have enjoyed reading his posts and we now wish him the very best for this auspicious occasion; and for all times to come.

Congratulations, Bilal and Lama! Bilal has a little note on this big event at his own blog, which I though is worth quoting from:

I am starting a new life today. A journey that I am very much looking forward to. L and I will join hands in marriage. We have known each other for nearly 6 years now. Time has flown by us, but it doesn’t matter. As they say in Farsi: “deir ayad, durust ayad� (late, but correct). We have many promises to keep to ourselves and to our families. We have big dreams, and plenty of fantasies. We believe in ourselves, but we know we have an uphill journey ahead of us. In some ways, L and I feel like two rock climbers who look at a difficult climb ahead of them, and smile at each other because they are simply excited to accomplish this together. When I hold her hand today, I will only have one thought in my mind: She completes me. She loves me. I love her. Wish us luck!

We do, Bilal and Lama. Most sincerely so. Mubarakbaad!

13 responses to “Mubarakbaad: Wedding dholls for Bilal”

  1. Almakky says:

    Janab Bilal Sb,

    Here is a greeting for both of you in Punjabi.

    Phaag lagay rein, tey sahraye waliaan de khair!!!

    I ‘ll request Adil to translate this in Ungreezi.;)

    Those who are from Lahore they might know that there used to be 2 men in Lahore, who almost in every single wedding suddenly show up with Sultan Rahi type of entrance and say loudly “Phaag lagay rein, tey sahraye waliaan de khair”. And after that they start their amusing stories with punch line.

  2. I will make it a point to bookmark your site.

  3. Bilal Zuberi says:

    Dear friends,

    Thank you so much for all your wishes. I had managed to read Adil’s note and some of the comments before the ceremony itself. And I remembered all of you as I sat through an interesting Nikah ceremony between a Pakistani and a Palestinian, led by a Lebanese Imam. What with saying my vows in Arabic so I barely knew what I was committing myself to? :).

    So I got married without the tamboo and the bamboo. No shamiaanay, no daighs, or meethey chawal (but I did have French duck cuisine though!). Friends did insist on luddi and bhangra, and once Pakistanis start dancing, they become much like the dhol guy featured here. Funny how Bhangra has been adopted in the US by the hip hop community.

    IFaqeer: We did find that song on and the dhammal was fabulous.

    Raza: Give our hello to Erej. Congratulations on the addition to your family.

    Many thanks once again to all of you. My love affair with ATP continues….

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