Posted on January 5, 2007
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15 responses to “The Politics of Politics: Afghanistan, BiBi, MMA and Inflation”

  1. Aslamolkam
    I am jamil rahman habibi .
    i need information about inflation of pakistan

  2. […] “The decision to this effect was taken at the meeting of the JUI executive council in Lahore a couple of days ago. National Assembly Opposition Leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman presided over the meeting,â€

  3. HJ says:

    I think its time to take away Karzai’s corpoarte Amex and let him pay for his own meals – that will sure shut him up. Also, next time he wishes to visit his house in Quetta, he should be asked to get a tourist visa, provide proof of residence, tax statements, permit for his weapons, bank statements going back five years as well as proof of citizenship.

    Karzai is a dummy – but who controls the strings?

  4. Afzaal Khan says:

    A lot has been said abt Karzai’s outbursts, as for me its not him but Indians and Neocons of US talking and telling Pak wat they think through him. He was and still remain nothing then a puppet. As for refugees repartition, “kon jeeta hai teri zulf ke sir honey tak” no one is going back no matter wat Pak or Afghan govt does. Where they should go, Afghanistan remain still unstable and still unhabitable.
    As for Qazi sahib resignation, I think it is high time he quits politics all together. His leadership has seen Jamat go down, astrayed from the Maulana Maududi’s philosophy and priniciples(anyone remember Paasban tehreek, enough said).
    As to Mr. Jamshed Nazer’s comment Causes for starting a “Jehadâ€

  5. Rather Agnostic says:

    [quote comment=”24887″] We used them for our purposes and then left them dry (exactly like US does to us). Read Ahmad Rashid’s book on this.[/quote]

    At least we did not deport them (probably we should have). I have not read anyone more biased then Ahmad Rashid in Pak Afghan context. Isn’t he the same person who proposed a few days back that Pakistan should conduct referendum in FATA to decide whether the tribal area would be a part of Pakistan or Afghanistan.

    Formerly Moderately_Secular …..