Dance Revival: Aaye Haath UthaiN Hum Bhi

Posted on January 21, 2007
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Adil Najam

Saw this phoptograph in Dawn today and was mesmerised by the interplay of light and shaddow.

My immeidate reaction was to think of this verse from Faiz.

I realize I have already used it before as a title (and am sure will do so again). But it seems to fit, even if the context of the original verse was rather different. Or, was it?

But then, this is what great poetry is all about. It is great not just because of what it says and how its says it, it is great because of all the things that it makes you think of. All the images it evokes. And, in this case, all the images it speaks to.

This photograph, by the way, is famed Kathak maestro Nahid Siddiqui and a fellow artist performing in Islamabad at an event organized by the Pakistan National Council of the Arts.

11 responses to “Dance Revival: Aaye Haath UthaiN Hum Bhi

  1. Qausain says:

    Pata nahi kion is tarha kay Arts ko hamrey yahan par promote nahi kia jata, or Pakistanis, generally, asi chizo ko dekhtay hi Astagfur’Allah parhna shru kar datay hain…
    lakin jab Pakistani channels Indian award shows main actors ko nachta dekhatay hain to puri family beth kar dekhti hay :/

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