Posted on January 22, 2007
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25 responses to “ATP Quiz: Guess Who This Is (More Hints)”

  1. […] My posts over the last few days have all been designed to build up to this (here, here and here). Irrespective of whether Abdul Sattar Edhi is a Pakistani or not, irrespective of how much most Pakistanis hold his selfless zeal in reverence – and irrespective also of all the ways in which a few have tried to malign him – I believe that Abdul Sattar Edhi deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. […]

  2. Adil Najam says:

    Friends, the result is now available, so we will discontinue comments here and move the discussion to the results post.

  3. […] I have really enjoyed this ATP Quiz thread (here and here). I had hoped that this method will get people more engaged than just writing a post on Edhi sahibs work. I also really wanted people to read and think about the passages that I had included from his autobiography – Edhi: A Mirror to the Blind. They are thought provoking passages and worthy of our attention. I was surprised by many things in the book, and it is obvious from the comments that so were you. A lot of you actually got the answer fairly early on but it was interesting to see how some of the facts were so surprising and so contrary to our popular perception of the man that it kept many others wondering. So, first of all, thank you for your participation and your patience. […]

  4. Manzoor says:

    Edhi had to left his madrassah, in his own words,”I became the team leader in the Madrassah and used to divide all the kids into two teams for games. Later, I had a fight in the madrassah as a result of which I had to drop out of my fourth grade.”

  5. Manzoor says:

    Shahab was an ICS bureaucrat, highly educated and during 1960s he was secretary or something like of the Ayub Khan. It was later during the Yahya days he went on an exile in London. I doubt Edhi being a political activist. But I remember when he went to London on an exile during the unrest in Karachi he was even branded as an Israeli agent by one of our national newspapers who get his commando training in Lebanon and same kind of non-sense. Other person from Sindh was GM Syed who also hasn’t any formal education. But he was anti-establishment. Utterly confused……………… ………