Kamran Khan Show on GEO TV Banned!

Posted on March 15, 2007
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By Darwaish

Another unfortunate development of the day and I am unable to understand who is advising government of making such foolish decisions.

It seems now that the Government of Pakistan has banned Kamran Khan Show as yet another casualty in the ongoing saga of the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s (CJP) removal from office. Geo has just made it public and Kamran Khan appeared on Geo News just a few moments ago and apologized to viewers that he would not be able to present his show due to this ban (audio of what he said, here).

It was Kamran Khan Show in which Mr Wasi Zafar’s misbehavior on VOA was reported (video of that program here). He was also the host of Geo’s live transmission which showed and commented on the misbehavior with Chief Justice of Pakistan and his family last Monday. I guess Kamran Khan has finally paid the price of speaking the truth and his efforts to present facts to the people of Pakistan.

GEO TV website has this information on how the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned this show:

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has imposed ban on “Aaj Kamran Khan Key Sath”, the famous programme of Geo Television Network.

“Aaj Kamran Khan Key Sath” has been stopped as the government has imposed ban on it, said the spokesman of the Geo Television Network.

It was regretted at 11:05 PM, when this programme starts daily, that the programme could not be aired due to government ban.

Reacting to the ban on this programme, Kamran Khan, the host of the programme, condemned the government action and said that there was no other agenda of the said programme except making people aware of real facts and correct analysis.

This is a direct attack on freedom of press and freedom of expression. Looks like we will now see more bans if Pakistani Media didn’t cooperate with the government. I am also wondering what will happen to the Ansaar Abbasi now. We should all condemn this unjust action? But HOW?

Here are two samples of video clips from the Kamran Khan Show related to this issue.

Wasi Zafar using bad languag in VOA live Program

Kamran Khan Show – Iftikhar Hussain Chaudhary – Part 4

Here is GEO’s own report on the attack on its office.

Attack on Geo!

Message from Altaf Hussain on attack on GEO office.

Altaf slams attack on Geo office

Hamid Mir interviews Gen. Musharraf on the attack.

I apologise, says Musharraf

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  1. zikki says:

    assalamoalaikom kamranbhi
    yarkamran bhia main aspakistani janta hoon k lahore main jo sirilankan team par jo attack hoa is k peechay kis ka haath hay
    or yeh bhi k w.t.c attack k peechay kis ka hath tha or pakistan main jo bom dhammakay ko rahy hain in k peechay kis ka hath
    saaf zahir hota hay ka w.t.c yahoodion ka hath hay or pakistn main jo karavayain ho rahi hain is main indian raw ka hath hy
    or siasatdaan kitnay ——— hain in main bhe kai chairperson kameena hain jo k raw say millay hoay hain aap main say bhee kai log aisay hain haum sab jaantay hain
    main yeh baat yaqeen say kah sakta hoon kin sab k peechay taliban nahin balkaeh ajencies ka hath hay or yeh sab main nay news channels daikh kr hee jaan lia hay
    or un ka style of brodcastingsa bheejana hay

  2. A Valuable comment from Shazia Awan on the issue of 50% in PTCL:
    We all are thank full to Miss Marvi Mamon and Mr. Muhammad Barjees Tahir for taking a right decision but I request them to please also make arrangements for implementations of the decision of the committee. PTCL Management is such a rigid, blind and def to listen the voice of poor people. Is there any body to take action or to check how much heavy emoluments are being paid to contractual staff. Almost all (ten) SEVPs are being enjoying Rs.2 million per month. Every SEVP is being provided a company vehicle 1800 CC with 400 litter petrol although their residences are only 3 to 4 KM for from their offices. Every EVP equal to BPS-21 is being paid round about 1 million per month and there are at least 25 EVPS are working. Every General Manager (BPS-20) is being paid 350000 per month and at least more than one hundred General Managers are working in PTCL. All these are contractual employees.
    All regular employees of BPS-17 and 18 are being paid Rs.25000 to 30000 and the Government increase is conditional with their performance. Who the hell is the decision maker to issue such bull-shit circulars that due to inflation salary increase is conditional with performance base. Is inflation incomes with performance base?. Is a person who gave his golden time to PTCL and near to retirement is deprived from his basic human right because his performance is not such like the fresh graduate. Is this justice?. Mr. SEVP HR always live young and his performance is good.
    One more thing who is responsible for 2 billion losses occurs due to protest through out the country. who is responsible for that if some responsible persons are being sacked from the top level management then these losses would be recovered. no not and never. Our corporate client is shifting towards other operators, who is responsible for that.
    Ever any person think that the people sacked from other telecom companies or bank crupt companies or default companies these people are appointed in PTCL at top.

  3. TASNEEM says:

    assalam o alacom
    ap ka channal tatal nawaz sharif channal hay lakin insan kiya karay ghar walo ka pat bhi palna hota hay awam jay bhar may ap ka porogram hay hm sub omud say han dunya ka sub say badtamiz or iqlaqiyat say gira ho a porogram hay ham apnay anay wali nasal ko kiya day rahayhan te sub sham on u and ur owners kiya hal ho ga ap kay shakil ur rehman sahab ka qabar may bicharay dozak may bhi piray shan ho rahay hon gay ap un ki olad ho un kay liya kuch achay kham karo ta khay un ko bhi dozak may kam agg milay or ap log ap kay ghar walay bhi udhar kam say kam saza pay

  4. Sonalee says:

    NICE COMMENTS GOING ON. these are Quit infornatic and Quit Respected. so keep it up And Carry on. i will wait for next one

  5. ali says:

    kamran if ur ture muslim plz help here in dgkhan plz plz ur in this country ur last plate fourm to ask my city problems plz plz khuda key liye plz

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