Top Ten Gripes About Pakistan’s Mobile Market

Posted on May 17, 2007
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Babar Bhatti

Donkey Cart Driver on his Cell Mobile Phone

#10. No cell phones made in Pakistan.

#09. Not much of Urdu services or local content.

#08. Driving + talking on mobile = Accidents …. And no one is doing anything about it.

#07. People using their phone as a status symbol.

#06. No unlimited calling plans.

#05. Silly advertising which is completely out of touch with ground realities.

#04. PTA: Sleepy customer service + a lousy web site where finding information is a pain.

#03. Too many fancy schmancy services (e.g. mobile TV) but 3G and data services are still a rip off.

#02. Prime Minister firing off a statement every few days about rising mobile subscriber numbers, alluding that all problems of Pakistanis are now solved and demanding that Pakistan is where all the foreign. investment should flow to.

#01. Mobile phone snatching.

Babar Bhatti is a Telecom professional based in Dallas, Texas. See more at Babar’s blog: State of Telecom Industry in Pakistan.

43 responses to “Top Ten Gripes About Pakistan’s Mobile Market”

  1. Kareem says:

    If it was not for teh telecom industry in Pakistan the advertising industry would also collapse!

  2. kamal says:

    I think the mobile phone bubble in Pakistan is also now finished. It is no longer a growth sector really.

  3. Ch. Haroon says:

    Respected sir,
    I have come to know that your organization is dealing in survey of land on rent for mobile tower erection for cellular companies in Pakistan. It is stated to your kind honor that I am the owner of 2 numbers of plot (one kanal and other 14 marlaz) at middle of the city Sarai Sidhu, district Khanewal. and Main Vehari road Tiba Sultan Pur situated on Main Raod are available and electricity Transfarmer is also avaialable in situated up to 10 feet inside both the plots. I want to give both plots on lease to multinational mobile company for tower erection. Hence it is requested that the survey of my plots may please be conducted and I am sure that my plot will be fit for tower erection because basic facilities required for the same i.e. roads and electricity are easily available. I shall be thankful for taking anticipation.
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