Posted on June 15, 2007
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115 responses to “Imran, Altaf, PIA and Pakistan Politics”

  1. MURKERJI. says:

    well i agree that imran khan has the fundamental support from the most well organised student fedartion of pakistan, the leftist NATIONAL SUTDENT FEDERTION, NSF, which is unlike the pro-US congress in india these days.

  2. mafzal says:

    well guess who was the adviosr to za bhutto it was mr mejraj mohammad khan and he was also the founder of both the old PPP and PTI of imran khan and also imran khan still has strong support from the nationalstic/leftist NATIONAL STUDENT FEDARTION just like za bhutto who breaway from the NSF and created his own faction CALLED PSF but khan is not doing that even he is more leftist the za bhutto in his gereal anti-american socalism.

  3. mafzal says:

    well mr khan is the only succsor to bhutooism now becsue the pakistan pp factions have come under us imperalism now just look at them they r part of the liberal/capitalist estabilshment nowdays hahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa.

  4. peter henych says:

    MQM believes in one God and that is Altaf bhai and Musharraf is his prophet according to them.

  5. RaziRub says:

    Well so the great Khan wants to rid the UK of a terrorist by having Altaf tried in a British court and deported to Pakistan. A most laudible intention one would think. Slight problem though,given that to try and get a conviction on a charge as serious as terrorism, Khan will have to provide overwhelming evidence of Altaf’s involvement in acts of terror as understood by a British court. Violent phaddas between rival groups are a part and parcel of Pakistani politics and sadly will not count. Every political party and every political leader in Pakistan has, at some stage of their political career, engaged in such acts and if Khan’s definition of terrorism was taken at face value (highly unlikely under the British judicial system) then every Pakistani politician would qualify to be a terrorist and every Pakistani political party would have to be banned as a terrorist organisation.

    No guys, i am afraid this all boils down the the one conclusion that almost every Karachiite i have spoken to has come to. This has nothing do with terrorism. After all whilst Khan has been in London the Lal Masjid operation has been taking place and terrorists have been threatening the very soul of Pakistan as a viable state. Did Mr. Khan come out and utter one word of condemnation?? sadly not. No, Khan has yet again shown, as have all the other assorted failed politicians and political parties who are using Khan as their stooge, that they simply refuse the accept the mandate given to the MQM by the Urdu speaking people of urban Sindh. Thats what it boils down to guys. Had Altaf cut a deal with this failed lot and sold his constituents down the river, as all the other failed lot have so regularly done over the past 60 years of Pakistan’s existence, there would not be a problem. Altaf would have been invited as a VIP guest in that APC in London (what a comedy of errors that was guys!!), he would have no doubt sat right next to Mian Nawaz Sharif, made to sign that worthless, joke peice of paper that all the others so shamelessly signed and all would be well.

    Come on Khan, be honest for a change. You just hate the Urdu speakers (as do the other failed lot) and you want nothing better then to see their leader hung, draw and quartered and the Urdu speakers trampled upon just for their sin of not agreeing with your “lota