Shalamar Gardens, Lahore: zameen kha gayee aasmaan kaise kaise ..

Posted on October 25, 2007
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Owais Mughal

This photo is from 2006. I apologize for hoarding it for so long but it had got lost somewhere in my collection. Today I found it and immediately decided to share it here.

The famous landmark of Lahore called Shalamar Gardens (landscaped in 1633-1642 AD) was closed for repairs last year and this hand-written notice was pasted outside to keep visitors away. Nothing wrong with a hand-written notice except noticing the 410-fountain grandeur of the gardens, this notice appears as a ‘makhmal mein taat ka pewand’. Times have certainly changed a lot since this garden’s prime time.
In 1981, Shalamar Gardens was also included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site . Amir Minai’s verses come to my mind.

hoay naam war be-nishaan kaise kaise
zameeN kha gayee aasmaaN kaise kaise
zameen-e-chaman gul khilaati hai kia kia
badalta hai rang aasmaaN kaise kaise

The following photo appears in the news of October 31, 2007 and shows a wall of Shalamar gardens in dilapidated condition as well as heaps of garbage next to it.

Photo Credits: The Daily Dawn and The Daily Times

7 responses to “Shalamar Gardens, Lahore: zameen kha gayee aasmaan kaise kaise ..

  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ Owais Mughal

    is the “Takhti” still hanging there ??

    Say’aiy-e-Baam mein, Khari aik Gaaiye,
    Zulmat kaday mein dhoonti hay
    munzil apni, Kuchray kay irdgird,
    Chaman ki Diwaar kay saaiy talay

  2. Taqi Usman says:

    Shalamar is really beautiful place and by the grace of God ,Goverment of Pakistan trying its unique efforts to maintain its original shape and recent u can see how administration continue its work, yes ofcource there is garbage outside but it is negligence of our public who not only throw their garbage alongthese rich historical monoment but also when our responsible citizen come they throw their things as they want ,it is not good approach to criticise but we can suggest good advises and now when u see it inner side u can also see good atmosphere and no bad condition

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