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Posted on August 30, 2006
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Owais Mughal

Many of you may have already seen this photo. It appears in today’s Dawn and shows a man over machine over animal, riding down a Lahore road. Can you suggest an interesting title for the picture?

I noted the following intriguing points that may help in formulating the best title. I am sure you can point out more.

  1. Note how the motorcycle rider to the right is swerving to pass this combo ride.
  2. Looks like the loaders have tried to be a little considerate to other traffic (but not a whole lot) as the car body seems to be loaded at an angle on the donkey-cart. Is it done to give room to other traffic to pass?
  3. The car to the left seems to be the working model of the same car whose dead body is being transported on the donkey-cart.
  4. Note the expression on donkey’s face. He seems to care less for the photo and is walking head down thinking about the car on his back; which is obviously higher than him in social status; in these poetic terms:

zameeN pe paaoN nakhuwwat se nahiN rakhte pari-pekar
ye goya is makaaN ki doosri manzil meiN rehtay haiN

[Fairy like people are too proud to walk on earth
It is as if they live on the second floor all their life]

In Urdu exams whenever there was a question about explaining a poem or a verse, we always used to write a similar verse (mumaasil sher) from our memory to impress the examiner. To impress you guys, I’ve found a ‘mumaasil’ photo which also seemed to be taken in Lahore. I guessed it from the rickshaw’s license plate alphabets. Is anybody impressed :)

Ok here is a title that comes to my mind for both of these photos:

baar-e-alam uThaaya, rang-e-nishat dekha
aaye nahiN haiN yooN hi andaz be-hissi ke

43 responses to “Picture of the Day: Suggest a Title”

  1. Pak lover says:

    hahahaha!…well…u should always be positive!its indeed an ingenious way of saving the fuel!

  2. sajeda says:

    Iblis ka waada pura huwa, uthaalo logo
    bithaalo usai apne kaandho par
    lejaayega wo tumhe sidha rubaroo uske
    jis ke aage khaai thi kasam ye usne
    bana ya na agar tere is adam e makhlook ko
    pekar e be hisi kaa, tujhe ijaazat he, e yazdaan
    badal dena naam mera, banaa dena gulaam tera,

  3. Adil says:

    Fuel Saving Measures !!

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