Suggest a Title: Pole-Dancing in Pakistan

Posted on March 23, 2010
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Adil Najam

Suggest a better title, if you can. This is how it was titled when we found it on the web.

The background (building, mountain, qanaat, and loudspeaker) does suggest that the caption was right in saying that this was in Pakistan. Probably a gymnast display at a fair or some such event.

What do you say? Impressive, odd, funny… or all of the above, and more?

More than that, if you know more about this picture, or about such events, do please share. I have always thought that someone should collect and organize mela performers into a roving troupe… not as much to send abroad to touyr, but to tour in Pakistan itself. I think it will make a profit, but more than that could help us all know ourselves, and our Pakistaniat, better.

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  1. Tahir Akram says:

    Asman say gira, khajoor me a k atka :)

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