The Service Loops of PTCL

Posted on May 12, 2009
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Owais Mughal

The technicians in Electrical industry are always taught to provide a service loop while wiring. This is done to accomodate future wiring or re-routing which may require a little bit more length of wire.

This photograph shows a distribution pole of Pakistan Telecommunication (PTCL) in Karachi. It is amazing to see how much length of wire has been provided as service loops here. Bravo to technicians who are actually able to track which wire goes to what subscriber.

It somehow also shows highest degree of unprofessionalism and untidiness. May be such a mess is part of self-constructed job-security for technicians as only those can navigate this maze without any schematics.

7 responses to “The Service Loops of PTCL”

  1. lidaliqa says:

    This is a mirror of our system and laws.

    This happens because of our “SAB CHALTA hai” attitude.

    Hire these same guys for a western cable company and they will do the best job possible.
    Why because there is accountability there and we don’t have it. Its all up to ones zameer/integrity to do a good job…kaun dekh raha hai????

  2. Aamer says:

    ditto Ali Akbar.

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