The Service Loops of PTCL

Posted on May 12, 2009
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Owais Mughal

The technicians in Electrical industry are always taught to provide a service loop while wiring. This is done to accomodate future wiring or re-routing which may require a little bit more length of wire.

This photograph shows a distribution pole of Pakistan Telecommunication (PTCL) in Karachi. It is amazing to see how much length of wire has been provided as service loops here. Bravo to technicians who are actually able to track which wire goes to what subscriber.

It somehow also shows highest degree of unprofessionalism and untidiness. May be such a mess is part of self-constructed job-security for technicians as only those can navigate this maze without any schematics.

7 responses to “The Service Loops of PTCL”

  1. Indian Cow says:

    I am from India, the photo of PTCL officers trying to create a mess or untangle one is not new to us. In India we have the same phenomena , it is called ‘contributing to the decay’. We have the same issues, I guess we need to privatize as quickly as possible and get the government out of our day to day lives.

    And finally we Indians and Pakistanis are the same gene pool, so I guess we behave and think in the same manner !

  2. bigtugboat says:

    Even Wapda in Lahore is no different: we can always see a dangerously haphazard cable chaos even in newer localities.

  3. ALI AKBAR says:

    this is quite a picture… If they can make sense of these wires they should also be able to make sense of Pakistan politics

  4. Babar says:

    Very interesting. Related to this, we also have a special thing in Pakistan called “Desi Cable Networks”. Read about it here:

  5. Khalid says:

    You are right, this could be due to inefficiency, or a deliberate attempt to create a “self constructed job security”. I would like to add that this phenomenon is not limited to PTCL, The situation is same for Karachi Water & Sewerage Board where their pipelines run randomly under roads without any plan or demarcation for future development work. KESC is no better. About KESC the less you say the better. This utility service has grown into a Mafia completely controlled by its unscrupulous & corrupt linemen, foremen, supervisors & their equally inefficient & soul less officers, Government is guilty of turning a blind eye towards the wrongdoings of KESC while it inflicts insults after injuries to the hapless people of Karachi, I suggest that you start a new thread in your forum where people can describe the atrocities of KESC & what can be done about them.

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