Picture of the Day: Negotiating with Police

Posted on December 4, 2006
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Adil Najam

Yes, its the police again. It may be getting excessive. But what can I say, I take justice seriously; how can I not with the name I have. (The picture below is also taken from a post by Asma, via Saad; see here).

The official title of this photograph suggets that the policeman was trying to humiliate the motorcyclist. My own sense is that is not true. It is much more likely that the motorcyclist is trying to charm the tulla to negotiate his way out of a challan. I say this with some conviction because I have done the same; and gotten away with it.

What do you think? And can anyone suggest a title? A sheyr maybe?

15 responses to “Picture of the Day: Negotiating with Police”

  1. abdur rauf says:

    help policman

  2. Baba Jee says:

    We should not take such a practice lightly ..it must be condemned at every level of our society .

  3. ahmed says:

    A title:


  4. Asma says:

    Well I’ve already commented on the story … but Mariam here is I guess talking about this pic…. it says

    Continuous rain might have forced many to stay indoors, yet these police personnel remain vigilant, braving the elements

    Well I agree while coming to the office in heavy rains I witnessed two three ITP policmen administering traffic rush despite heavy downpour and by heavy pour I mean heavy … so not all tullas are bad … some are really good too :)

  5. Mariam says:

    [quote post=”449″]Today’s dawn has a pic of Policemen braving cold weather and doing their outdoors job! Good job Policemen! [/quote]

    Isn’t that they suppose to do :D. on the other hand, no one is forcing/motivating them to do their job right so I agree with you Good Job Policemen and Thank you for keeping my city safe.

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