When Moses lost his papers in Pakistan

Posted on July 2, 2007
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Owais Mughal

Eventhough the following poster made me smile, I don’t want to present it as an amusement only photograph. Behind some innocently simplistic lines lies the helplessness (be-chaargi) of a man named Moosa (Moses) Khan, who lost his motorcycle papers in Quetta, Pakistan .The helplessness was so intense that Moosa Khan had to write this poster by hand and write contacts of almost everyone he knew in the city.

Those of us who have ridden Motorcycle in Pakistan may know very well the consequences of being stopped by Traffic Police, even with slight out-of-date (ooNch neech) papers.

While our Urdu readership can enjoy the script of the poster, I will translate it in English after the page break below:

The approximate English tranlsation of the ad above goes like this.

Public Notice….Looking for Lost Item.
I have lost papers of my motorcycle # xyz while coming to duty (work). If found, please return them to ‘Burma’. (I don’t know what Urdu word ‘barmay’ means. Most probably a Drill Machine Station).
OR send them to Alamdar Bakery at Alamdar Road,
OR send them to ‘Thekaydaar’ (Contractor) Ibrahim at Mama Mushtaq Hotel located near Habib Bank branch at Alamdar Road.
OR send them to Master (Master means teacher in Urdu) Syed M Baqir Shah Agha of Society School
OR send them to Master Hayat Husain of Naseerabad School
OR send them to Haji Dost M of Haji Furniture located near Nijari School
OR send them to M Moosa Khan, Tube Well Operator, Tube Well Number 6, Daman-e-Koh, Quetta Cantt, Cell Number xyz,

This last contact appears in vertical towards left of the poster and looks like this is the name of the person who lost his papers. The last couple of lines of the poster translate as follows:

Please send the papers to any of the above mentioned people OR report them at following cellular numbers in order to provide us a chance of thanking you.

I believe many of us can relate to the desperate situation this guy is going through. We hope by now Moosa (Moses) Khan has found his papers. His sitaution somehow reminds of this verse (sher) about prophet Moses.

Moosa se zaroor aaj koi baat hoi hai
jaane meiN qadam aur the aane mein qadam aur

PHOTO CREDITS: The Photo credits belong to Muhammad Ali Moosa who took this photograph on April 18, 2007 and appears at Treklens.com

13 responses to “When Moses lost his papers in Pakistan”

  1. Siko Sikan says:

    Quetta is small town where people know eachother by names and nick names that is why there no criminal can find a sanctury. the life in quetta is totally different and interesting from rest of pakistan with multicultural look. Baloch, Pkhatoon, Hazara and Settelers lives in harmony and brotherhood is applaudable.
    long live Quettees
    long live pakistan

  2. Pakistan Zindabad says:

    Simple approach for problem solving. Keep trying Moosa. Wish you best of luck.

  3. John Doe says:

    Quetta is probably not the place I would think people worry about the registration documents. I heard most of the people drive their vehicle without number plates. Then who cares about registration docs.

    Apparently this man does. Oh poor common man of Pakistan.

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