baa adab, baa mulahiza, hoshiar

Posted on October 4, 2007
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Syed Ahsan Ali

A picture equals a thousand words. The occasion seen here is the signing of presidential nomination papers.

35 responses to “baa adab, baa mulahiza, hoshiar

  1. yassiah says:

    ‘laton kay bhoot baton sey naheen manein gay’ is the old wise dictum. Pakistan needs millitary rule to continue its existance and martial law is with in view already. What the civilians are doing is like bunch of monkeys who got hold of razors. These so called leaders are preparing to cut each other’s neck. You may say anything against but what transition Pakistan economy has seen is unparalleled in the history of Pakistan despite all the adversities. These civilian leaders had the golden opportunity after the biggest ‘Shaitan’ Zia to strengthen democracy, but they i.e. Benazir & Nawaz used it bankrupt the nation and filled their own foriegn accounts. Whole Pakistani nation is living in the cesspool of dishonesty and corruption and now they have chosen the most corrupt person their leader. A leader is reflection of the character of a nation ‘Jaisy rooh waisey farishtey’. God save Pakistan.

  2. Aali Jaah says:

    Ba adab ba mulaheza hoshiar, Maha bali, mukhtar alam,
    Taj-e-alam, secular-e-azam, Din-e-Ilahi kay alambardar,
    Dargoran-e-Shareefain, Dildar-e-benezirain,
    Sarparastan-e-Chaudrian wa Muhajarian, Taj-e-Wazirian,
    talabgar-e-fazulain, bama

  3. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Social mistri ji

    Marchal in office has some ” lohay kay channay” to bite in,
    and he has a desi denture, with very weak infantory behind
    and around his “akal darh”,
    let us see which one is stronger.!!!!

  4. Social Mistri says:

    Rafay mian, Foran kisi achay daktar say rujoo kijiyay. Lagta hay aap ki tabiat kharab hay. What is this -6/+6 business? Angrezi ya urdu mein baat keejiyay. Slamalaikum.

  5. Social Mistri says:

    Yes, and Khawaja Asif is the best judge of what eunuchs sound like since he has been living around so many for the past several years. Apparently the definitive Eunuch sound was exuded by Nawaz and his chota-bhai-pilpila-danda-kha-kar-gir-para when Salahuddin Satti came to get them. “Sirji Allah da wasta, ghaltee ho gaee, Abba jee nay kiya see jhaaz noun na utran daie’n… sirji ghaltee ho gaee”. Someone should do a remix, featuring Fi’ty cent.

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