When the Police Needs Help in Pakistan

Posted on August 15, 2007
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Owais Mughal

The motto of Pakistan polics is to help those who are in need. How can this help be delivered in a time of need when the hardware given to police is not adequate and breaks down easily. Following three photos have been collected from national electronic media and show the plight of those who are supposed to keep our streets free of crime. The first photo below is from June 7, 2007, posted at the Daily Times and shows a policeman doing balancing act atop an overcrowded van.

Following photo is from the daily Jang of July 10, 2007 and shows a police van broken down in Pir Ilahi Bakhsh (PIB) colony of Karachi. Police guys are seen pushing the van themselves to get it ‘dhakka’ (push) start.

Following photo is also from the daily Dawn Karachi and shows another police mobile broken down and getting pushed by policemen.

Following Photo is taken from flickr.com and shows police in Lahore pushing their broken car.

There is a strong to provide police with necessary tools and equipment which doesn’t breakdown when it is needed and is adequate enough to combat the bad guys. This is a necessary step need from our government so that our police in return can help citizens in need and prove true to their motto which in Urdu goes like this:

‘police ka hai farz madad aap ki’

Looking at the photos above a famous sher comes to mind:

baghbaan ne aag dee jab aashianay ko meray
jin pe takya tha wohi pattay hawa denay lagay

When the custodian of a garden started the fire himself
The trusted upon leaves provided the fuel to the fire

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  1. The police department of our country have need the basic requiremnets for completing their work, so it is reponsibilty of government to provide the basic requirements to the police.

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    Another Photo of broken down Police mobile is here:

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