When the Police Needs Help in Pakistan

Posted on August 15, 2007
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Owais Mughal

The motto of Pakistan polics is to help those who are in need. How can this help be delivered in a time of need when the hardware given to police is not adequate and breaks down easily. Following three photos have been collected from national electronic media and show the plight of those who are supposed to keep our streets free of crime. The first photo below is from June 7, 2007, posted at the Daily Times and shows a policeman doing balancing act atop an overcrowded van.

Following photo is from the daily Jang of July 10, 2007 and shows a police van broken down in Pir Ilahi Bakhsh (PIB) colony of Karachi. Police guys are seen pushing the van themselves to get it ‘dhakka’ (push) start.

Following photo is also from the daily Dawn Karachi and shows another police mobile broken down and getting pushed by policemen.

Following Photo is taken from flickr.com and shows police in Lahore pushing their broken car.

There is a strong to provide police with necessary tools and equipment which doesn’t breakdown when it is needed and is adequate enough to combat the bad guys. This is a necessary step need from our government so that our police in return can help citizens in need and prove true to their motto which in Urdu goes like this:

‘police ka hai farz madad aap ki’

Looking at the photos above a famous sher comes to mind:

baghbaan ne aag dee jab aashianay ko meray
jin pe takya tha wohi pattay hawa denay lagay

When the custodian of a garden started the fire himself
The trusted upon leaves provided the fuel to the fire

22 responses to “When the Police Needs Help in Pakistan”

  1. Aqil Sajjad says:

    I am sorry to sound critical, but the issue of police reforms is one of those very important things that have continued to be widely ignored by the media and civil society (with a very few commendable exceptions of course).

    There was a police reforms package announced in 2002. How many of us care what its main points were and what happened to it?

    Haan laikin agar law and order peh rhetorical sermons likhvanay hon to bohat “experts” hain. The problem is that analyzing something and providing a proper critique takes a bit of work ethics, which are unfortunately in short supply.

  2. dawa-i-dil says:

    the poor get Rs 5000 per month for 16 16 hours duty….

    can you live under Rs 5000 with four children ????

  3. programmingdrone says:

    I think the Pakistani police motto should be changed to “Police Ka Kaam Ha Haram Ki Kamai Khana”.

    Some steps from WorldBank website can be seen here.

  4. Shafique says:

    A R Siddiqi on Pakistan’s security apparatus:

    Bata dijiyay zara ilzam kiya hey
    zamanay mein humara nam kiya hey
    Muhafiz kud hi katil bun gayeh hein
    tu mulk o qoum ka anjaam kiya hey

  5. dawa-i-dil says:

    Everything needs funds..budgets ..and money…

    no doubt that Ch Pervez Ilahi..the CM of Punjab have given huge amounts to Police Departmet but still…its need more…

    for example ..in city of Lahore..a new service of police is started ..new young ..boys..graduated..with 16,000Rs per month..very energetic..friendly..make you cross the busy roads..help you..and no scene of challans….

    but still our Land Mafia Army generals..and DHA princes eat 60% of GDP..and use it for thier luxuries instead of defence….and whole money go in thier pockets..rather than defence…

    These …..broke the country…made pakistan..and heroin state..gave waters of 3 rivers to pakistan….and atlast..made the whole country ..in the burning fire of suicide attacks…..

    these ..generals ..consider themselves above every law..and rule and regulations…..

    they have created a state within a state in pakistan….

    there budget is never presented in National Assembly or Senate…..the most highest bodies of pakistan….

    Nobody knows where the 60% of GDP go……

    Minerva…come and look at he castle or palace of Lahore Corp Commander in Defence area…at night…1000’s of bulbs glow..on his palace..who is he …a soldier ..whose job is to defend country..but these ….looted the money for thier own luxuries….

    go and see ..how these generals go in thier precious cars to have golf match in evening…..like they have conquered Kashmir…..

    go and see..how these general’s wives…go to Cavalary..and Liberty market.. …for shopping in offical cars….like they are queens of pakistan…bah….

    in same Lahore..people have not pure water to drink..the patients are dying as they have no medicine..and these harami generals are enjoying the Pakistan money for thier badmashi…

    for 60 years…they have made pakistan…the most corrupt…and beggar country….of the world…

    these generals… …DHA princes..and land mafia generals..are now…on the way..to eat whole Gwadar lands..in thier greed…..

    what they have given to pakistan in 60 years..except..the kicking off the elected govermnets of 150 millions…or gallows to elected PM ..etc….

    http://www.paklinks.com/gs/showthread.php?t=252965 &page=2

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