Posted on January 12, 2008
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13 responses to “Arts Pakistan – A Place to Visit”

  1. Agadir says:


    Raza Bhai
    Nice post as usual and I am thankful to you bringing here.It is just like to natural scenes. most of related our culture and most of related to our history.And we didnot have to forgotton our culture.Because our culture is our nationality.

  2. Raza Rumi says:

    Daktar, Ayaz and Taban
    Many thanks for the comments. Your feedback is most helpful and I will convey this to the website administrator..

    Indeed this is a website that needs to grow and have more contemporary content.

  3. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to see the Balochi Artist and instructor who is actually promoting the figure drawing techniques. I think this is something that has been overlooked and ignored as the culture has shunned the depiction of human and animal forms in an effort to be more “Islamic”.

    As one looks through the various artists, this is reinforced as we look at some of the more more senior artists and move closer to contemporary artists. I see more of an “abstraction” and miniature paintings and more stylized (almost stereotypical) depictions of iconic themes that almost every Pakistani artist seems to revisit.

    In any case, I sure hope they add more works to that site, and thanks for sharing it with us.