Posted on February 3, 2008
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60 responses to “Emperor Ashoka in our Backyard: Deciphering the Rock Edicts and the Law of Piety”

  1. shweta says:

    the sculpture of the bearded man looks Persian to me, not Indian. you know the ruins at Persepolis and the sculpture of King Cyrus the Great of Persia? it looks like that and has those features. please check.

  2. Dr. Raj Ratna Goswami says:

    Ashoka belongs to the rare humans of our glorious past who makes us pride to be his successor. He belongs to the period when there were neither communication nor conventioneer of high speed but just ruled because their subjects loved them. It is really interesting to learn that Fganistan and the West of Pakistan were part of Great Maurayan Empire as Chandragupta, the founder of Mauryan Empire married daughter of Seleucus Nectar the General of Alexander,s empire in Eastern World and he gifted four of his provinces to Chandragupta in dower. So it was totally peaceful transaction of South Asia,s big four regions into Mauryan kingdom. Ashoka’s son Kunal was governor of this region who letter became successor, but his stepmother queen injured his eyes and made blind. Later his son Samprati ruled here.
    Pakistan and Afghanistan are greatest region of human kinds civilization. The Indus valley Culture, beginning first village and agriculture in through out world, the great lads of composition of world’s first book the Rigveda, great rulers of Bharatas and Gandharas, First gramarian Panini, First official university of ancient world Taxila, Great politician Chanakya, Great warriors of Kanishka who won the Tibbet and Pamir, and who issued the gold coins, great matter of pride.
    Then how we can forget the introduction of idol worshiping of the Indo-Greeks who gave forms to all gods and goddesses of Hindu or Buddhists pantheon and gave shape to imaginative forces their due shape.
    People of these regions must recognise these great episode of their ancestors and make effort to preserve and teach about them to their generation to come.

  3. jai hind says:

    ASHOKA the great was one of the greatest rulers of the world, ruling from Persi to Burma in the East.

    All Pakistanis must learn about this history of thier country of Buddhism and theier past.

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