Pakistan Elections 2008: Poetic Politics

Posted on March 26, 2008
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Adil Najam

Our repost of our ATP Mushaira post on Anwar Masood prompted reader Shahran Asim to send us this newer audio recording of Anwar Masood commenting on elections in Pakistan. I thought it was not only hilarious but also pertinent; and certainly worth sharing. Thanks, Shahran.

[audio: Elections.mp3]

My favorites here is how he starts just with “theek hai!” and the following (especially his use of “burpa” here):

Taraqee iss qadr burpa hoee hai
kissi soorat koi ghatta nahiN hai
bass itni si paraishani hai Anwar
election sarr pe hai atta nahiN hai

Take a listen. Enjoy.

22 responses to “Pakistan Elections 2008: Poetic Politics”

  1. bebo n says:

    I noticed that Khalid Masood was there among the poets but can’t find his recital. Anyone got it?

  2. zia m says:

    Very funny with truthiness!

  3. Laeeq says:

    Shairi sach bolti hai!

    Great political commentary in the poetry. Better than most analysts.

    I also loved the “Theek hai” line and how he says it too!!!!

  4. jk says:

    Absolutely wonderful :D.

    I remember one of his stories of how he memorized his times tables when he was in school. He made a song about them but he could only remember it when he sang out loud so he had to sing out the times tables in class while fooling his teacher in to thinking that the workers outside were the ones singing :D

  5. great thing from great man :)

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