Posted on April 23, 2008
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25 responses to “Sahabzada Yaqub Khan”

  1. Ghous Muhammad khan says:

    Salute and heartiest respect for the great syk

  2. DR ESKANDER says:

    Salute to SYK, one of a very few Pakistani administrator who understood the unfairness that was done to the then East pakistani peoople. His request ( he was the governor of East pakistan) to adress the rightfull demand of Bangali people was rejected several times by Yahya, bhutto and pak Army .Not only that he was punished and was removed from the post of east pakistan governor that brought the disaster for pakistan.Pakistan will carry on with that wound and pain as long as pakistan will exist.May allah bless him .

    Proudly Bangali, Bangladeshi
    Bangla bangalir Joy Hok

  3. Nayyar nazir says:

    hi uncle yaqoob hope u r fine?

  4. Jaseem Siddiqui says:

    Its very easy to criticise SYK regarding his service to dictaors, but tell me are not all of our Past and current Politicans have nurtured unde dictators look at Bhutto He was the right hand man of Ayub khan and to call Bhutto as the first elected Prime Minister of Pakistan is falsifying the history

  5. Muhammad Akhtaruzzaman says:

    I have heartiest respect to Sahebjada Yakub Khan.I salute him.
    I would like to get his phone or email no.I am from Bangladesh.Please any one inform me.