Cholistan Jeep Rally

Posted on May 27, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Cholistan Jeep rally is an annual 3-day even of fun and adventure which takes place in choilstan (also called Rohi) desert of Pakistan. Every year an increasing number of participants have been taking part in the event with their numbers reaching 80 in the 2008 edition of the race. So far four editions of this annual events have been organized by the Tourist Development Corporation of Punjab(PTDC).

Following photo is credied to Mr. Yasir Nisar and was taken on March 9, 2008 .

Cholistan, Pakistan, Jeep Rally

I like the above photo because it has captured every flying grain of sand and stone around the participating jeep of Cholistan Rally in a time-frozen space.

The rally is 218 km long and makes a loop along the famous Derawar Fort.

Cholistan, Pakistan, Jeep Rally

The photo above has been referenced from the Cholistan Jeep Rally page at

Twelve checkposts are establised along the route of this rally.

1. First CP is set up at Qasaiwala at Km 9.7 from the opening point near Derawar Fort.
2. Jamoon Wala CP is set up at 25.9 km,
3. Nawan Kot at 50 km,
4. Gandawala at 70 km,
5. Bijnot at 97km,
6. Bandhal at 124.4 km,
7. Rasool at 132 km. There is a refueling facility available at Rasool.
8. Khangarh mor at 144km,
9. Khangarh Fort at 156 km,
10. Hangola at 169.3 km,
11. Bharoon Wala at 176km, and
12. Last CP at Sat Khoh at 199.3 km.

The rally consists of several events which includes Engine Inspection, a qualifying 5-km race on the dry bed of River Chenab, a welcome dinner at the historical Noor Mahal, palace of Nawab of Bahawalpur, a route checking drive and the real race. Prize Distribution Ceremony follows the race. The vehicle covering the 218-km distance in shortest time is declared winner in each of the four categories. The Prize money in 2007 edition of the race was Rs 100K, Rs 70K and Rs 50K for the first three positions in each category.


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  5. Furqan says:

    I am a painter and designer living in rahim Yar Khan city in cholistan. I am finished now to paint this jeep’s scene. it apealed me when i saw it first time. I dont know the owner of this jeep or who was driving this jeep. if anyone knows please contact me at 0300 6730378.

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