Posted on June 5, 2008
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15 responses to “Zhob Valley Railway (ZVR) of Pakistan”

  1. I appreciate Janeeta for her beautiful n meaningful comments about my Valley Zhob n my Country Pakistan. I m the Local Citizen of Zhob Valley, belongs to Mandokhail Tribe…. Actually Zhob is the Most Beautiful city of Baluchistan having allot of Natural Beaty n Water… There is only one river in Baluchistan which is Zhob River.. Zhob is rich of Old Ruins, n many more thins n specialties.. but Pakistan Government always Neglect this beautiful valley.

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    A rather latest photo of Kila Saifullah Railway Station from November 2008 can be seen here

  3. Syed Zafar Ali Bokhari, Quetta says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful literature on Bostan-Zhob section. Now it is uprooted. I have seen it by myself. I m witness of theft of PR assets on said section. The remaining buildings have already been occupied by local inhabitants for their residential accommodations and other usages. Plan for its rehabilitation is a dream. Nobody in Governmnet is interested in Railways’ innovations. However NHA has been working on upgradation and widening of highway upto Zhob. Now it is quite easy to approach Zhob from Quetta. But Railways’ fun is something different (a taste apart).

  4. Syed Aamir Hameed says:

    Great work: The article shows its very well researched and deserve appreciation. On the otherhand, its shame how we continue to destroy what ever is left as a legacy specially in view of not making any head way in any field. Instead of treasuring we are damaging our treasures.
    It also reflects inderectly on the silent majority apathy, we need to change and come out of this notion that “Pakistan mein yehi hota hay”.
    Its high time, the sound of majority silence of this nation should be heard loud and clear.


  5. Mohan Bhuyan says:

    Great report Owais…I often wondered why the Brits took it into their heads to build a rly here; it couldn’t have been just security. Now you have given us the answer – Chrome ore!