Posted on July 4, 2008
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16 responses to “The coalition must not splinter”

  1. mustafa says:

    Dear Rumi Sb,

    You have written, “And let us not forget Air Marshal Asghar Khan, who urged Gen Zia to hang Bhutto at Kohala Bridge and that Army intervention was legitimate in national interest.”

    A little bit of historical research by you would have made you realize that Air Marshal Asghar Khan did no such thing. In a public rally, during the height of Bhutto’s political suppression, he made a statement in which he said, ‘I will hang Bhutto at Kohala Bridge.’ The motivation behind this statement was to get the fear of Bhutto out of people. It worked, as after that statement, the PNA movement gained momentom and people began demonstating against Bhutto.

    Air Marshal Asghar Khan never asked Zia to take over or hang Bhutto. If you are reffering to the letter he wrote to the services officers, then I would ask you to actually read the letter. He has published it in his latest book published by the OUP and explained in detail his motivation behind writitng that letter. It was in response to a newspaper story he had read while in Kot Lakpat prison. A major had shot an innocent civilian who had showed him the ‘V’ sign. He was referring to such criminal activities of law enforcement and security officers and which is why he gave the example of the Nuremberg trials and his own. He had simply asked them to only follow lawful commands and disregard unlawful commands.

    He went on to oppose Zia and his government and was in prison and under house arrest for 6 years.

    I hope that you correct this error that you have made.