Ahmed Faraz Still Alive But Struggling For His Life

Posted on July 17, 2008
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Adil Najam

Ahmed Faraz[UPDATE: Sadly, Ahmed Faraz died in Islamabad ]on August 25, 2008. Details here.]

Despite an erroneous news earlier that renowned poet Ahmed Faraz had died in a Chicago hospital, the news right now is that Ahmed Faraz is still alive, but not at all well, struggling for his life in a Chicago hospital.

Here is the latest from The News:

CHICAGO: Renowned poet Ahmed Faraz is alive and still under medical treatment at a local hospital here, said his physician Tahir Rohail, brushing aside the earlier report of his death aired by state TV. He said Ahmed Faraz is seriously ill at a hospital in Chicago where necessary medical treatment is being provided to him.

Others are still reporting his death, seemingly based on a TV channel news item. It seems – we hope – that the TV channel jumped the gun on this and Faraz Sahib is still alive.

We have, of course, written multiple times on the legendary poet – including here, here and most recently here. I shake as I type this and I pray that we will NOT be writing about his demise anytime soon. For me Faraz has always been a fighter, and we are rooting for him in this fight too. Here is some of Fawaz the fighter:

We certainly pray that he is and that he will remain alive and kicking for a long time. But (earlier) reports, from people close to him, seem to suggest that his condition is very critical and it has been and remains a touch and go situation. He needs our prayers.

35 responses to “Ahmed Faraz Still Alive But Struggling For His Life”

  1. maria says:

    i m da bgst fan of ahmad faraz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he iz a suprb man nowadyz his poetry iz being famed through mobylz. I realy like him, his way of sayng iz awsom>>>> “I PRAY 4 HIM MAY ALLAH BLESS HIM VID GUD HEALTH, AMEEN”.

  2. Naim Akhtar says:

    I ever,never forget the kindness of Mr.Ahmad Faraz during my past association with him .I pray for his recovery .Inshallah he will be among us very soon.

  3. Hussain says:

    I hear from a friend in Chicago that Faraz Sahib is doing better now. Can someone please confirm.

    Also, I think what AHsn has written is true and it is really sad that we have not heard a word from anyone in government or the embassy about assisting this national treasure.

  4. AHsn says:

    One of the editorials of today’s (July 23) Dawn (Karachi) is:

    Faraz deserves more

    UNLIKE many essentials, apathy is not in short supply. One sad example is our legendary poet, Ahmad Faraz, who has been fighting for his life in a Chicago hospital for over a fortnight. So far, neither has there been any government concern nor has the Pakistan embassy initiated contact with his family or his medical team. The son of a scholar, Ahmad Faraz made his foray into the literary circles as a lyricist and went on to become an icon of verse who dealt with both love and ideology with the same inimitable passion. His work speaks of injustice, rage and heartache and is as personal as it is political. He also founded the National Academy of Letters and was at the helm of the National Book Foundation. Decorated with numerous national and international awards, including the Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 1994, Faraz has endured countless tyrannical efforts to silence him. He was exiled from Sindh for writing against Bhutto

  5. Uzma says:

    Is an update available on Faraz sahib’s health.

    I hope he is doing better now!

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