Khudkush Sale in Lahore

Posted on September 27, 2008
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Asma Mirza

Khudkush Sale - Suicidal Sale

I must say no matter what happens we are a tough nation. Finding our own way through the thick and thin of all times. Even finding humor in the saddest of all situations.

On festive events such as Eid, across Pakistan you will come across punch lines as “Dhamaka Sale Jaari Hay” so often. “Khudkush Sale” (Suicidal Sale) is the new term coined in market.

The shopkeeper was right in thinking that the word “khudkush” will attract everyone. I do hope it doesn’t attract Mr. Khudkhush himself but the genuine buyers only.

Image Courtesy: Hasan Mubarak of Lahore Metblogs

15 responses to “Khudkush Sale in Lahore”

  1. people are losing their lives who is responsible.

  2. Aamer Javed says:

    ooooo.. if that is the case. I wonder that the Samsonite stuff that the store in the background is selling, is also the same – an imitation.

    oh well, as long as its cheap and bears the brand name.. i am in-line (durability does not count….almost) :)

  3. Asma says:

    @Aamer javed: an imitation of Hang Ten insignia :)

  4. Aamer Javed says:

    The question is, what was he selling?
    After reading Lahore MB, seems like he was selling ‘kapra’.

    I wonder what do the footprints imply….

  5. Sidhusaaheb says:

    Humour is an important tool for survival, indeed, even through the toughest of situations. :)

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