Pakistan at War: No Women Allowed

Posted on January 16, 2009
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Adil Najam

This photograph was published in Daily Times, January 12, 2009. The caption read:

“Women are not allowed in the market,” reads a banner displayed at the entrance of a market in Mingora. Taliban have banned the entry of women in markets and ordered the killing of women who violate the ban. Most shop owners have sold or shut down their businesses because of falling sales following the restriction.

What would have made this tragic depiction comical had the context been different is that from the picture this is clearly a textile and cloth market – the type of market where, in Pakistan, you would expect most customers to be women!

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  1. fareeha says:

    some time taliban comes and atack pakistan , some time membes of other contry come and start mudakhilan in our country, what is yhis realy make me sad …………………………….
    bus allah help us by self,and allah hom par raham karey.

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